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    A domain is the base web address e.g. domain.com
    A sub-domain is an address extension to that e.g. sub.domain.com that can operate as an alias pointing to the domain website or as a unique address on its own.
    A subdomain is commonly used to differentiate distinct websites for different users. So, you could start with the domain "family.com" and then create the unique subdomains "sister.family.com", "brother.family.com", "father.family.com", etc. to host websites or email dedicated to different family members. Each of these pieces could be managed by a different person, if you desired.
    My own example: I own the domain http://shoutingman.com and use it for my personal website.
    I use the sub-domains:
    http://daybreakers.shoutingman.com -- info about my Toastmasters club
    http://movies.shoutingman.com -- my own silly attempt to make a movie review site
    http://joel.shoutingman.com -- a past effort to make a website for my dad's accounting business.
    I don't think "www.domain.com" is a sub-domain of "domain.com". Rather, being able to address the website with the "www" preface is more a special case, and it should be available by default. But I've found prominent websites that don't respond to "domain.com" but only "www.domain.com".
    I hope that helps. [​IMG]
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    WWW is a subdomain, but most hosting providers "reserve" it and point it at the domain root.
    5 free subdomains is pretty good, but if you decide it's important to you, there are a lot of providers that give you 25, 50, or unlimited for free.
    Ben Menix
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