5 conductor coax cable. Can i do this?

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    Can this be used for long runs as a multiple purpose cable. Thought I could use for standard RGBVH for one run and maybe even 3 for component and 2 for stereo etc in another run. Can this be done or will the cable cause problems when using it for multiple use (audio and video).


    Thanks for any input,

    C. Ryan
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    More information on the cable can be found here: http://www.inlineinc.com/products/coax/pdf/IN7000FP.pdf
    Quoting from the datasheet we have the following.
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    The cable should work fine as long as your 'audio' application is for line-level signals, not speaker-level.

    I've looked into multi-coax bundles for people with projectors. I emailed BlueJeansCables about combining Component, SVideo (using a SVideo breakout "Y" adaptor), and composite into a single, thick cable. Their answer was that such a cable IS possible, but the SVideo is hard to wire (because the RG6 coax is so thick - hence the breakout idea). Also, this many coax's in a single bundle is very thick/stiff/heavy. Many of the little desktop projectors are lightweight in comparison. That cable can likely whip the projector around unless you are careful about strain-relief. (Yes, the PDF file says it's flexable - it might be ok).

    The other trick that makes the difference between a so-so and superior video cable is finding a good RCA plug that matches the dimensions of the coax.

    Before you buy:

    - Call the company and ask if they have a RCA plug compatability chart. This may tell you what Canare RCA plugs fit that coax. If not, ask for a cross-reference chart to Belden coax, then go to the Belden web site and look at it's RCA plug cross-reference chart.

    Only after you find a matching RCA plug should you buy the coax. Good cables are a system of good coax and matching RCA plugs.

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