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5.1 speakers with in-ceiling surrounds (1 Viewer)

Chris Tsutsui

Feb 1, 2002
I'm designing a cheap 5.1 or 6.1 system for a bedroom. The Receiver will probably be a $300-400 Denon, HK, Yamaha, etc. with 75-100wpc.

For Aesthetic (WAF) reasons, the surrounds have to be white and installed in the ceiling next to some circular lightings. (Plus wiring will be easy through the attic since it has to be hidden)

The Home entertainment center is built in and there is very limited cabinet space for the mains. (8" wide adjustable height cabinets) The mains CAN be mounted on brackets from the wall or side of the cabinet which is why I was looking at JBL SCS™ SERIES speakers. The problem is I need a white circular in-ceiling surround that matches them. The center channel can be anything as there's plenty of room for it above the TV.

If the in-ceiling surrounds poses a problem I suppose I could try my best to use wall or ceiling mounted satellite surrounds, but they'd have to be white.

DIY kits are an option for the mains as long as the center is shielded and the budget is close to $500 for the 5 speakers.

I guess the surrounds don't even have to match the fronts because there won't be any critical HT listening. (The bed isn't even aligned with the entertainment center) The priority here is "looks" and just basic function as surround sound.
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Brian Bunge

Senior HTF Member
Sep 11, 2000

Why not do something with the little Tang Band 3" drivers in small enclosures? It sounds like aesthetics are more important than performance. And they're great sounding little guys when mated with a little Parts Express 8" Dayton driver for the sub. And of course, you can finish them however you like.

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