5.1 speaker package vs. htib

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    Which of these has the best sound quality and what is Theater difference between Theater two Jamo?
    Jamo a101 hcs 5 [=http://jamo.com/speakerlines/aesthetic/A101/?sku=A101HCS5][/]
    Jamo a102 hcs 3 [=http://jamo.com/speakertypes/homecinemasystem/?sku=A102HCS3][/]
    Samsung ht-e4500 [=http://www.samsung.com/us/video/home-theater/HT-E4500/ZA?from_mobile=true][/]
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    The Jamo systems above are just speaker systems - you would need to add a receiver and blu-ray player to the mix. I have not heard them, but seem like basic plastic systems where the look is more important than the sound (could be wrong on that....) -- the sound quality that you are asking for will also depend on what you hook them up too.
    - the Samsung is a HITB system....with the amp, player and speakers all in 1 package... usually HTIB systems have cheap speakers and are not able to upgrade.
    I have not heard either one - if you are interested in them - you must try them out yourself. Get together some music and movies that you like to listen too, along with the dimensions of the space you want to put them in - and go listen to them yourself...

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