5.1 setup with full range towers and SUB

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    I have towers that have built in passive subs that are rated to go down to 27hz., I also have a powered sub too. The question is, If I set my mains to large and sub to yes on my reciever would my deicated sub get less signal because my mains are set to large ?
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    Oct 23, 2000
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    Anthony: It depends on who makes your receiver.
    Some companies have some extra "bass management" features. My Yamaha will let me send the lower-frequency sounds from my LARGE speakers to the dedicated sub.
    A lot of people with your setup define the speakers as SMALL and let the sub handle all the low-frequency duties.
    This is considered to be superior because:
    - Your dedicated sub can be placed in your room to optimize the bass response. (Your towers are placed to optimize the sound-stage for music & movies, not the bass response).
    - The woofers in your towers take TONS of power to drive. Defining your towers as SMALL reduces the load on your receiver which leaves that power available for the mid-range and tweeters. Even powerfull systems seem to sound better with this setup.
    (I have DefTech 2000tl towers with 500 watt amps in each for the woofers. The woofers are now turned off in favor of a single, dedicated SVS sub in the corner.)
    My advice: define your speakers as SMALL and let the sub handle everything for a few weeks. Then que up a favorite music track and listen with the mains as SMALL, then as LARGE. Toggle back and forth several times and decide what sounds better to you.
    Hope this helps.

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