480P switching Bandwidth?

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    I presently have a Denon 3801 and a JVC JX-S555 video switch. Both devices offer componenet video switching.
    My plan was to use the component inputs on one devices to switch my two 480i sources and the upconvert these with an Iscan Pro before entering Input 1 of my Mits WT-46807.
    The other device I plan to use to Switch two 480P sources and then hook directly into Input 2 of the same set.
    Which device offers the better switching mecahnism. Do either (both?) devices have sufficient bandwidth to switch a 480P signal? Or am I just in trouble?
    Any recommendations on wiring configurations? Which device is the better quality switch? Given that the JX-S555 costs half of the price of 3801 and it's missing the radio/preamp/poweramp sections of the 3801 I imagine it would be the better switch.
    NOTE we are only talking 480i and 480p signals here. My only HD source is plugged directly into the set.
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    Both receivers should have plenty of bandwidth to switch 480P sources. 480P requires about 13MHz or so, which is no problem, as these receivers have bandwidth around 30MHz or so - Which is probably even 'enough' for HDTV, since most consumer HDTV's can't resolve resolution much higher than that.
    -Ryan Dinan

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