4802 vs. 5800 & Other Concerns

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  1. Chuck C

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    Jan 6, 2001
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    I'm consulting with a friend who is bent on getting the 5800, but I just told him about the 4802, and now everything has changed. So are the extra sound modes worth it? My other concern...is the 5800 upgradeable, and if so what are the upgrades, and when will they be out. If the answer is no, then is there a 5802 on the horizon?
    Thanks to all who reply!
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  2. Elbert Lee

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    May 24, 2000
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    Chuck - I'm guessing that you may have read some information already regarding the Denon 5800 updrade. Here are some of the rumors about the upgrade on the Denon 5800:
    1) Will have DPLII (100% likely)
    2) Will have adjustable bass management (60-120) - 50/50
    3) On screen volum control (very likely)
    4) New surround Format (DTS 24/96) - 50/50? perhaps will be hardware based
    5) Rumored upgrade cost: $300-$1000 (I believe that a few Denon reps say that $1000 is definitely way too high which leads speculation toward the under $500 price range)
    IF all of these are true, the Denon AVR 5802 (due out first half of 2002), will basically be an AVR 5800 with all above forementioned upgrades, except with 190 watts into each of the 7 channels instead of just 170w.
    The Denon AVR 4802 will have all above features along with the AKTIS remote (no base charger unit, though) and sport 125wx7 internal amp, although I suspect that 125w is a VERY conservative rating.
    The AVR 4802 is due out at the end of August.
    I have both the 5800 and 4800 and they are both excellent, but the 5800 performance is truly approaching that of audiophile separates in smothness and imaging. For general HT use, the 4800 and 4802 is MORE than adequate.
    If you had a budget of $3000 and would like to get the BEST that you can afford in this cost range, I would wait for the officel 5800 upgrade, which hopefully will come out before the AVR 4802 is released. If the upgrade does cost under $300 and has everything the 4802 has, I see no reason to just get the 5800 and not wait for the 5802, which I suspect will retail at $4000.
  3. TomH

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    Jun 13, 2001
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    Search the forums for 5800 and upgrade and you will find that there is no conclusion as to what the 5800 upgrade is, what it will include, the cost, or even if it will ever happen. If it really is a hardware upgrade then it could cost $1000.00 and should be done by Denon. I cannot believe that a simple SW upgrade could cover all the features promised in some of the posts. So, if you spend $2400 for a 5800 and add $1000. to upgrade you have $3400. invested in a full featured, high end receiver. If you are willing to wait for the upgrade(which may never happen) why not just wait for the release of the 5802 for approx. $3000.(street)?
    If you need something sooner the 4802 comes close.

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