42" LCD TV suggestions for my uncle

Discussion in 'Displays' started by BrianTwig, Sep 5, 2006.

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    Question for a relative. My uncle just custom built a new home. And with his design he needs a flat panel TV for over the fireplace, which is stone if that makes any difference. He doesn't want to exceed 42" and wants an LCD. Because of viewing distances, he likely shouldn't go below 42" either.

    It will only be connected via component cables and no HDMI or any other connection will ever be used. He will be watching cable television and some DVDs (through a cheapo DVD player and he wouldn't upgrade to a HD player or anything like that).

    And as everyone on here knows, I am shopping for a new TV as well. So here is the deal. He purchased all of his appliances, Double freezer, double fridge, regular fridge, dishwasher, gas range, convection microwave, and a couple other items at the same store and they also sell televisions. So what we are going to try and do is purchase the TVs together and get a nice discount on them because of the previous purchase of all those appliances (just a couple weeks ago). Will it work? Hopefully. But we have nothing to lose if they say no.

    So, what 42" LCD for wall mounting, connected via component cables, for watching regular cable TV and periodic DVDs would people on here suggest? The cheaper the better, but don't want some knock off brand that may be trouble down the road.

    Sorry, I don't have any budget numbers from him, but obviously the cheaper the better.

    This belongs in another thread, but the same people likely read this. He does have a 4.1 system (no center) hooked up in the room via 4 inceiling speakers and a sub (all Proficient) and is in need of a new receiver on the cheap. For a majority of CD listening and occasional movie listening, what is a good cheap receiver out there for him?

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    Hi Brian - The 40" Samsung LCD's are very reliable and well priced. Check out the LN-S4041D (or the newer 51D or 92D models).

    For receivers, the Yamaha RX-V659 is excellent, for $350. This is the best budget receiver on the market, in my opinion.

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