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    First time poster, long time lurker...

    I've finally come to realize that a 50"+ RPTV just isn't practical for the area I have to work with right now. I have to deal with space constraints and poor room layout. This has brought me to the conclusion that I'm looking at sub 50" sets.

    Originally I was looking at the Toshiba 50HDX82 and the Hitachi 51SWX20B. They would have technically fit, but completely dominated the room from where they were, and left no room for AV components. I would have had to rig something up that would have been visually abysmal at best.

    Things that will help with the layout of the Home Entertainment area..

    Shallower set.
    Narower set.
    AV stand for components.

    This has led me to 3 different sets.

    Toshiba 42HDX82
    Pros -
    Supposidly the best stretch modes.
    Very shallow.
    Supposidly one of the best pictures for non HD/480p.

    Cons -
    One unit (no av stand)
    Smallest of the 3

    Hitachi 43FWX20B
    (biggest gripe is no SWX line this size)
    The picture I like the best of out all of them
    Great viewing angle
    Has an AV stand

    Stand doesn't hold very much (last years stand is much better)
    Bad stretch modes.

    Sony 46WS500(to be released in November)
    Looks to be a fairly useable AV stand
    biggest picture of them all
    Decent stretch modes
    Seems to have the worst picture for NTSC brosdcasts.
    Seems to have the SVM haloing even with SVM off.

    I've ruled out the Panny 47" due to the fact that it would be too big without an AV stand. I'm also not impressed with the QC of these sets. People might be able to get a great pic out of them once tweaked, but it seems that there's been a lot of problems out of the box.. and the dreaded POP.

    Sooo.. this is my delima. Throughout the day, I'll lean towards any of these three sets. Can anyone weigh in on my observations (if they're incorrect) or add their own on these sets (the ws500 line in the case of the Sony, since this one isn't out yet).

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    They are all nice sets, and I really like the Hitachi. I saw the new RCA Scenium set and it looked pretty good too. Mitsubishi has a new 42" set also I think.

    What is your budget? All of the sets you mentioned have a list around $2K. Are you willing to spend a little more. Samsung has a 43" DLP based set that retails for around $3-3.5k which looks really really nice. The advantage with DLP is that there is no need for convergence (i.e., they should have perfect geometry that should never drift), and there is no chance of burn in.

    Hope this helps, and good luck in selecting a set.
  3. Rich Chiavaroli

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    Well I know I can pick up the Hitachi for a good chunk less than what they're currently listed for. I'm assuming I can get the Toshiba for about the same.

    The Samsung DLP would be fantastic, but it's too much money right now. I'm in the process of upgrading the TV, receiver and speakers (plus other home stuff.. new stove, snow blower, etc..), and I really need to limit myself. I'd like to stay "around" 2K.

    I just ran out to the store at lunch, and I'm really not liking the smaller sets. 42" seems just too small. Someone I know just baught the 43" hitachi so I'm going to have to go over and look at it at their house. These things tend to grow when you get them home.

    So my observations from this store..

    They had a 57H82 set up next to a 57WS500, so this gave me a good way to compare the two. They also had a roof top antenna signal so they could show people the worst possible signal they could get. Suprisingly enough, the Toshiba didn't look horrific with that signal. The Sony however, did. It was incridibly grainy, with a ton of ghosting. DVD and hi def looked great though. As far as stretch modes, I don't think I could really say that the sony was worse. It might have been slightly, but that also could have been me looking for it since all I've read is that the Toshiba's are the best. The 47 panny's stretch was pretty bad though. I couldn't deal with that at all.

    I couldn't deal with the picture on the Sony though. Maybe they're just surpassing thier limits with that set at 57" though. I'll have to look at a 46" to really make a decision.

    What I really discovered is that I really really want a 50".


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