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4 Teeth Pulled about 5 minutes ago. Novacaine..some strong shiznit!! Bad experiences? (1 Viewer)


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Oct 14, 2001
Holy shite.. I cannot feel anything left and right side. I had to ge 4 teeth pulled so my "fangs" can come down, boy I eel refreshed yet I can't feel at all. I was sitting in the room while my cool ass orthodontist was somewhere doing "something" ;). This feels so odd, how in the hell do drug addicts like this crap? I'm cared to do anything because wen it wears off I can be hositalized by chewing my frigging lip off nd not even knowing. Mom has to watch me.. too tempted. :)

Alex Spindler

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Jan 23, 2000
I went for full anaesthesia when I did mine a few weeks ago, so I had a full body numbness. That was wierd to say the least. Luckily, they captured everything I said for later blackmail. I am so glad I didn't say anything really embarrassing. :)
Glad yours has gone well.

Chris Lock

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Jul 1, 1999
> how in the hell do drug addicts like this crap?

Do addicts use Novocaine?

You could always try getting teeth pulled without the stuff, but I think you'd decide it's not so bad. (I think the only bad thing about it is the needle that injects it.)

Scott Leopold

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Nov 21, 2001
I had to have my remaining 8 baby teeth pulled when I got my braces. It required 16 shots of novocaine. I felt the first 8. That was the worst part of the entire procedure. After that, though, it wasn't too bad.

My cousin, on the other hand, had a much worse experience when his teeth were pulled. I forget the entire explanation, but what it basically came down to is that he has a lot more nerve endings in his mouth than most people. His dentist afterwards told him it was a fairly rare, but not unheard of condition. The only problem for my cousin was that the first set of novocaine shots didn't take. Neither did the second set. My cousin described it as a weird feeling in that his mouth felt numb, but he could still feel everything they did. He screamed during the first tooth and told them he could still feel it. They debated for a minute, then said that they didn't like using too much novocaine on one person, especially since he was so young (13 at the time, I believe). They didn't want to knock him out since he already had all the novocaine in his system. They also pointed out that any additional shots would probably still not be effective. The dentist decided that the best course of action would be to just go ahead and get it over with. Four hygenists held him down while the doctor proceeded to pull the rest of his teeth (I believe he had to have 6 pulled). He felt the whole thing. When his parents found out, they were a little angry. They convinced the dentist that there would be no charge for the procedure (my uncle, who can be very forboding, is rumored to have mentioned some possible bodily harm if they didn't agree), and never returned to him after that (lawsuits weren't quite as rampant at the time). Ever since, my cousin has been put under for any and all dental procedures other than standard cleanings (drillings, pullings, etc.).

I also have an aunt who had a bad experience with a dental surgeon. I suppose the worse of the two depends on your perspective. She was having her wisdom teeth pulled, and opted to just go with the novocaine and nitrous. As they operated on her, she could hear every cut, every crunch, and feel every pull--no pain, just the pressure of the doctor's hands and instruments, and a sickening feeling as part of her body was slowly pulled out of her head. It finally got to be too much for her, and she threw up all over the dental surgeon. Luckily for all involved, they were on the last tooth. The doctor couldn't continue and had to have one of his colleagues finish up. My aunt, also, has insisted on being knocked out for most dental procedures ever since.

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