4 ohm speakers and a Receiver ( 6 - 16 ohms) - Should I be worried ?

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    I just recently purchased a Bohlender Graebner Radia X1 center channel which is rated at 93 db sensitivity and 4 ohms impedance. My Pioneer Elite VSX - 33TX recommends speakers rated at 6 - 16 ohms. My mains are Def Tech BP10's.
    Should I be worried about this combination this setup considering the impedance of my center channel ? Will this affect the reliability of my receiver ?
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    If you play it loud enough, you just run the risk of causing the speaker to draw a bit more current than what the receiver was designed to supply your center channel speakers.
    But for "normal" HT use, you should be okay. But if you get the "Protector" error message from your receiver, back off the overall volume on the receiver, you've reached the limits for the receiver's amps to provide enough current to produce the SPLs demanded by the overall volume levels.
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