4-ohm "entry level" center channel?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by JeremyErwin, Jan 31, 2006.

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    The other day, I was shopping around for a center channel. I saw a new Polk model (CS-M or some such) and I noticed that the nominal impedence was 4 ohm. This was obviously intended as an entry level speaker-- but I thought that low impedence speakers were handled best by (more expensive) amplifiers specifically designed for it. Confused by the issue, and deciding that a higher priced, better established model (The polk cs1) was more to my taste, I bought that instead...

    So. what's the deal, here? Would it have fried my receiver? I notice that the "Recommended Amplifier Power" was 10-100 w/channel, compared to the cs1's "20 - 125 w/channel". I thought that a lower impedence. is usually associated with higher wattages.

    Maybe I should just pick up some DVD-Audio discs and stop worrying so much...
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    A single 4 Ohm speaker shouldn't be to rough on most decent receivers. It might be a problem for the lowest models, or ones that have a weak power supply that might be sensitive to impedance.

    Yes, you SHOULD pick up some DVD-As and fugetaboudit [​IMG]

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