3x3.5mm to 5.1 output

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by LoremIpsum3236, Dec 17, 2011.

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    I'm needing a little help configuring my speaker setup for my Alienware m15x. My laptop outputs audio through three 3.5mm audio jacks that can be reconfigured for 5.1 surround sound in a 'front,centre/subwoofer,rear' format. Unfortunately, I have no HDMI or Optical output directly from the laptop apart from my DisplayPort connection which is currently being used to connect to a Sony LCD monitor. I have the usual 6 speaker surround sound setup in my computer room (FR,FL,C,SW,BR,BL) all of which connect to a Sony Home Theatre system (DAV-DZ860W). This Home Theatre system takes all of the normal inputs; HDMI, DMPORT, Optical SPDIF, Coaxial and Composite. It does not, however, support 3x3.5mm inputs. What I require, if such a thing exists, is something that can take the 3 individual 3.5mm audio jack inputs and convert it to a single HDMI or Optical output without costing me insane amounts of money. Thanks very much. Craig
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    You need either a new receiver with 5.1 analog inputs or you need a new sound card with digital outputs. Both will be cheaper than some analog to digital converter.

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