3v vs. 3.3v smartmedia

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    I'm wondering what the difference is between 3v and 3.3v smarmedia cards. my mp3 player states that it must have a 3.3v card. I purchased a 64 mb pny smartmedia card but none of the material states its voltage. is the default 3v or 3.3v? does anyone have any recommendations about sticking with more reputable name brands of memory? Do you have brand recommendations and or places to purchase? Thanks, Lee
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    I think the 3v Smartmedia cards are simply older than the 3.3v ones. Now there are basically two types 3.3V and 5V so you cannot use a +5v smartmedia SSFDC card, which is why it says only +3.3v cards are useable. I used to have an old Olympus digicam which I think used a +3v SSFDC (Smartmedia) card and then the standard was changed to +3.3v; however, I don't remember all too clearly about that. It could also very possibly be just a shortcut of saying +3v rather than the longer +3.3v. I have seen some websites interchange between using +3.3v and +3v. Not a good standard practice but what can you do?

    The +3.3v I believe should have a notch on the righthand side while the +5v should have a notch on the left. Sandisk, Kinston, Kodak, among others make Smartmedia cards and should be reliable.


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