3D Realms is making Prey! Seriously!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Tony-B, Apr 25, 2005.

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    In the latest issue of PC Gamer, they have the world exclusive preview of Prey, that oh so famous vaporware.

    You will be playing as a Cherokee Indian who gains spiritual superpowers. The game's plot will pretty much be about Tommy's girlfriend, Jenny, getting abducted by aliens, and these aliens are planning to take over the Earth.

    Since this game is about a Cherokee, you might think of 3D Realms' game, Shadow Warrior, and how it mocked Asians. Well, PC Gamer was assured that this game will be totally serious. In fact, 3D Realms thoroughly researched Cherokee mythology and history in order to get some ideas for the game. In fact, in the game, Tommy will have guidance from the spirit of his grandfather, unlocking abilites such as "spirit walking" (a type of astral projection) and "death walking" (a way to beat death). Death walking is taking a trip into the spirit world and hunting spirit animals to regain enough energy to resurrect from the dead...right where you left off. Spirit walking involves projecting your spirit into the world and moving through solid objects. When you do this, you are invisible and can sneak up on the bad guys and take them out with your bow. What kind of bow? A spirit bow of course! But when you spirit walk, you leave your human body unattended and helpless. Of course, this feature will be used for puzzles at certain times in the game. Your major ally in the game is Talon, the sprit of a hawk that Tommy had as a child. This hawk will guide you, and he can translate the writing of the aliens into English.

    Another cool thing is that these aliens monitor radio broadcasts from Earth. One of the transmissions they monitor is Art Bell's radio show, in which callers will report odd events with the aliens. Art Bell will actually lend his voicework to the game.

    Inside the mothership, you will be able to walk on the walls and crawl on the ceilings, like in AVP. The game will also feature tons of vehicles.

    Here are some screenshots of the game:




    There are some more at this location:


    Amazing. I can't wait to play this game, and Duke Nukem Forever, which was also talked about in this issue of PC Gamer. [​IMG]
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    Prey videos:


    The shaky cam has the best footage, but it's poor quality. The HD has too much glare and is too quick-moving, but it will give you a taste. It looks really good. I love the last couple of minutes of the shaky cam the most.
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    Tony, those image tags are way big for a public forum (all well over 100K, vs. the 40K embedded limit of the HTF) - not everyone has high speed. Change to URLs.

    Saw a snip of this on TV and it looks pretty cool. The Cherokee theme is what really struck me. Opens up a lot of opportunity to visit the mythologies you refer to above.

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