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    I finally got around to setting up all my equipment this past weekend and am running into one problem right now. I have the current things setup this way...

    Receiver is a Denon 3802...Plugged into the 3802 is the vcr via RCA cables, all the speakers, and the tv is plugged into the monitor out via svideo and then connected to the video3 input on the tv.

    Now for the vcr, it is playing through channel 3 right now because it is hooked up through the receiver right? That is working okay..

    The dvd player I have hooked up to the receiver by- Digital Coax out on the dvd player and into the coax In on the receiver. For the video part, I have it hooked up via component video. I plugged the dvd output into the component input on the receiver. I made sure to switch the dvd player from regular rca video and svideo over to component.

    Now when I tried to play a dvd, I am getting sound but no video. I tried all the video sources, 1 - 2 - 3, and I also tried all the tv channels but no good. Am I suppose to hook the dvd player to the tv directly? Sorry really new to the ht scene. Thanks for the help!
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    The 3802 does NOT perform "video conversion". That is each source is ONLY available on the same output type. Composite IN to Composite OUT. S-Video IN to S-Video OUT. Component IN to Component OUT.

    Furthermore, the 3802 will always switch to the "best" output type for which an input signal is available. So if DVD source Component IN is alive, the 3802 will output ONLY on Component OUT, not on DVD S-Video or Composite. Component is first in line then S-video with composite bringing up the rear.

    The quick answer to your question is you need to do either of:

    1. run a set of component cables from the 3802 to your TV

    2. run the DVD's component cables directly to the 3802

    All this stuff is in the manual which, while it takes a bit of decoding, is the best source for 3802 connection questions. Good luck.


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