34XBR960 - am I losing my mind?

Zach Nelson

Apr 12, 2000
I have a 2005 34XBR960 that is roughly 13 months old now. Picture has been great, I originally calibrated it with Avia when I got it and every few months I re-run the tests just in case. I always seem to settle on the same settings everytime, so at least my test results are consistent. Here's what I go with:

Mode: Pro
Picture: 34
Brightness: 38
Color: 34
Hue: R1
Sharpness: 15
Color Temp: Neutral
ClearEdge: Off
DRC Mode: Progressive
Color Axis: Monitor
Mode Memory: Off

About 2 weeks ago I noticed details were getting lost when a scene was very white. The white would bloom in fact. I don't remember it ever doing it before. If there is a scene with colored text on a white background, the text is very hard to read and nearly invisible sometimes. I'm also noticing whiffs of yellow and I'm afraid that's not on purpose, rather it's baking the pixels.

So I re-ran Avia 3 times this week, each time arriving at or near the same levels I posted above. So with Avia not helping me, I keep the remote in-hand and when a commercial comes on with blooming white I start tweaking the Picture and/or Brightness levels. The blooming effect never goes away no matter what. I know the scene is not supposed to look so drowned-out because when a scene that blooms fades into another or fades to black the details in the white areas suddenly becomes visible during the fade. This makes sense because the fade equals lower brightness. You'd think that lowering the white level would do the same thing, but it doesn't.

Other than the white level blooming problem, everything else looks good. Scenes look good, nothing looks washed-out or too bright/dark. It's just the really bright white scenes are killing me.

Unfortunately DVE for HD-DVD is constantly being pushed-back and won't be available until Feb-Mar at this point so I only have Avia to work with. I'm starting to really worry about this and I can't find an ISF tech in the Philly area to come out and have a look.

Does anyone have ideas? Happy Holidays!


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Nov 1, 1998
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Are you using an HTPC? If you are, the whiffs of yellow are probably due to your cable or cable connections.

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