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34HFX83 or new 34HFX84 (1 Viewer)


Dec 18, 2004
Hey All

I have been searhing on the forum now for awhile and I am ready to ask my first question....

I am set on my first HDTV but not sure on which model

I can get a great deal on a refurbished 34HFX83 for 899
plus 250. shipping

Or I can go to crutchfield and get the New 34HFX84 for 1599.99, and get a free stand and it ships for 19.99 and no tax.....

so New looks about the same when you told in a stand ...

What differences between the 2 models ....is one better the the other?

There is a samsung 42 inch projector locally for sale at 899.99 not sure if it is worth the time.....



Sebastien S

Second Unit
Jul 17, 2003
For that price AND the stand included, I would go with the 34HFX84!

I don't know much about the "83" (I have the "84" and previously had the "82") except that it is the "only" one in the serries to have it's "speakers" on each side of the screen rather than under it, thus making this set much wider.

However, I can tell you about the "84"... To put it mildly, once calibrated it is THE single best 34" model set I have ever seen and I would chose it over any other brands including the best model SONY currenlty has to offer!

HD image is superb, SD is very decent and DVD's are absolutely breath taking on this set!!! This set upconverts/downconverts any and all signals (including 720p) to "540p" (the "83" doesn't do that) or 1080i (your choice but I prefer 540p, especially for DVD's)! This set also has 2 "HDMI" inputs while the "83" only has one "DVI" input I believe...

This is also the set with the least "red push" I have ever seen!

For the price you would be paying for the "83" + taxes + shipping, the difference wouldn't be that big with what you would pay for the "84"... I think it's worth paying a few extra bucks and going with this years model!

For more info, I have previously made a full review on the "34HFX84" which you can find on this forum by simply doing a "search".

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