32" HD vs. 32" Analog: Which is Best for DBS and/or Cable

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  1. Brent Hutto

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    Aug 30, 2001
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    I've just about decided that a 32" TV is right size. A 36" one might be a possibility although at less than 7 feet viewing distance it would have to be HD-ready since the scan lines on an analog set would be horrible. RPTV's are just right out, I don't like them at all plus they're too big for the room.

    In the 32" size, viewing from 7 feet, there will to some extent be a tradeoff between HD and analog sets. Feeding it with a DVD, I'm pretty sure the picture is clearly better with an HD-ready one. However, I've read that upconversion artifacts are a big problem with crummy analog cable pictures and with overcompressed DBS pictures when displayed on an HDTV.

    Our viewing is about 60% DVD, 30% Dish Network and 10% analog cable for the broadcast networks. That leads me to three questions, in priority order. Keep in mind that I'll be sitting about 78-88 inches from the screen.

    1) How much PQ will I be giving up watching DVD on a 32" analog TV that does anamorphic squeeze versus an HD-ready one?

    2) To what extent will a 32" HD-ready set exaggerate overcompression artifacts on a Dish Network picture?

    3) Will the 32" analog TV (let's say a Sony 32FS13) have better PQ on a poor-quality analog cable picture than something like a Hitachi 32UDX10S?

    And a fourth bonus question. If I get the 32UDX10S or something similar, how much of a difference would a progressive scan DVD player like a Panasonic RD62 make compared to my non-progressive RD31? I suppose that depends in part on how the quality of the upconversion in the particular TV compares to the quality of the conversion in the particular DVD player.
  2. Jon Duke

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    Jun 14, 2002
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    I hope I might be able to lend a hand here Brent..

    I've got the Hitachi 32UDX10s. I really like it, but Adelphia cable is terrible at my location in Maine. It really is terrible. But, I will say this, DVD's look unbelieveable compared to my old D-series 27" JVC. I don't know how Dish or DirecTV looks on the Hitachi, I would imagine they would put my analog cable to shame.

    From time to time pixelation can be evident on poor quality broadcasts, and this would never happen on an analog set. But, that said, that tv will leave you set for the future. The only drawback is only having 1 set of component inputs, but with a nice receiver, you can do component switching.

    As to your progressive scan dvd question... I had a couple year old JVC, and while it looked great on the Hitachi, I thought a progressive scan dvd player w/mp3 capability would be better. So I picked up the RP 56, and I believe the picture is better, but not much. I would get the set first, and then bring home a RP 62 to compare. If you like the 31 better, then just make sure you can return the 62. As you allude to, the Hitachi upconversion is excellent, and minimizes differences between players with and without progressive scan. But, I did notice a slightly better picture with progressive scan, for what it is worth. Though for my that would not be a $180 improvement.

    Have fun and good luck
  3. Rick Radford

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    May 12, 2001
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    I don't get to visit here as much as I'd like these days.

    My experience with both a JVC 32260 and a Hitachi 32UDX10S in a side-by-side comparison in my home.. comparing both DVD and analog cable is that the Hitachi had a much better picture. I expected problems with the analog cable, but was surprised by the clarity of the picture with the Hitachi.

    With a DVD, the Hitachi clearly blew away the JVC. Even my wife (who could care less about these kind of things) said that the movie (U-571) looked like a B movie on the JVC as compared to the Hitachi.

    YMMV. (especially with analog cable).

    I have an RP91 feeding the Hitachi, but am not convinced I need a PS player since the Hitachi does a fine job with the built-in line doubler.

    That being said, I do notice some shimmering on some scenes with the Hitachi which I assume is related to being a digital set. It is not a problem for me, but just a FYI.

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