3100HD time warner box in NYC, use S-Video or Composite in addition to Component?

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    3100HD time warner box in NYC, use S-Video or Composite in addition to Component?
    I'm in nyc using a 3100HD time warner high definition cable box. i need to use component cables for High Definition programs PLUS EITHER: S-video or composite for non-HD programs/stations, otherwise, viewing non-HD sources using component results in black margins all around.
    The issue is whether to use S-video or composite. The INTUITIVE answer is S-video. But, i've found that composite gives me better results. I THINK (but by no means am sure) that the reason is that the S-video output uses the 3100HD's own comb filter to separate out colors, while the composite outs spits out the entire signal, and let's my sony xbr use the sony's own, superior comb filter to do its separation job. Is this possible? i think i get less artifacts with composite outs. some people tell me this is not possible, and that S-video should almost always be used whenever possible, others tell me that this is a plausible explanation.
    i'm in the process of getting a much bigger tv (currently a sony 36xbr450, getting a 60xbr800) and am in the process of buying better quality cables in anticipation of the delivery of my new 60xbr800. so, i really do need the advice of fellow forum members who are more knowledgeable in this.
    please advise! thanks.
    my direct email is: [email protected]
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    Michael Chen

    That's about right. Let the better comb filter do the separation. Sometimes the box does it better sometimes the TV ... gotta figure that one out by trial and error.

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    I think you'll find most everyone agreeing w/ Michael's reply. And he is the expert afterall. [​IMG]
    BTW, how is your TWC non-HD signal in general? Do you see a lot of compression artifacts on your 36" say from 5ft away? How's YES, ESPN, etc.?
    Also, I never figured out how their packages work when you want HD programming. Do they charge some extra cost or require bigger d-cable package in addition to the specific HD programming?
    I'm currently leaning toward Directv instead of TWC since Directv sounds much cheaper although no local HD broadcasts. I figure I can wait for all the OTA HD broadcasts to come back later this year for that. I'll be using a 53" Panny from 7-8ft.

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