30 inch tube HDTVs: Samsung (DVI) Vs. Philips (HDMI) questions

Discussion in 'Displays' started by BrianS, Jul 12, 2004.

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    I was looking into putting an extra HDTV in the upstairs living room & was looking at the Samsung 30 inch TX-P3064W (roughly $850)and the Philips 30 inch 30PW8402 (roughly $750).

    I was trying to decide between the two (Sears has them on sale) and I could get them for a little cheaper than the above prices. My question is: Which one is the better TV?

    Anyone have any experience with these TVs? Are they the newer models or the older ones? (if the old ones, how old?)

    Any difference between the DVI or HDMI connections? My 2 year old Mitsubishi RPTV has neither connection so I don't really know if I am missing much or if I need either connection. Any insight or comparison info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    HDMI is backward compatible to DVI. You just need to get a HDMI to DVI cable. That being said, some might argued that they see a difference when they go to DVI or HDMI over component. For me, I see no difference at all. 1080i looks the same as via DVI or component. Your RPTV is still analog base technology. It's the same picture DVI HDMI or components.

    HD DVD's are not going to be out anytime soon. Even then, I think they will still support component video.
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    Lotta misinformation floating around.


    It's still digital technology. Just because it uses an electron gun doesn't mean the base picture is structured as a digital signal. Chips digitize and process the signal before it's broken up into a waveform and displayed on a screen.

    That said, DVI and HDMI are direct digital signals. Component is an analog signal. For a 1080i, the DIGITAL signal must be converted to ANALOG and then the TV converts it BACK to DIGITAL. DVI/HDMI skip these steps.

    If you see little to no difference you're experiencing either:
    1- Poor Display
    2- Poor signal.

    By poor I mean a display or source NOT taking advantage of the full 720p-1080i resolution capability.

    And THAT said, consider instead the Sony KV-30HS420. I've found from research and just plain testing the Philips is merely OK, same for the Samsung. The Samsung's power supply isn't very good either. Sony's set has nearly double the pixels. Even plain-vanilla TV looks better. Well worth saving the extra money for.

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