30+ FT - Sid & Nancy:CC, M. Hulot's Holiday:CC, Disney Tins, Simpsons, many more!

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    Jun 27, 2002
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    Hey everyone I have some movies I want to trade away, and have posted my wants as well. I have a 53 rating on eBay for both selling and buying, I am on the Gold Trader List on DVDTalk, and I am +1 here on HTF. If something is of any interest to you send me an offer. All offers will be considered. I'm willing to sell some of these as well.
    The DVDs I have to trade are
    The Alec Guinness Collection $40
    Any Given Sunday
    Arlington Road
    Army of Darkness - Bootleg Edition Director's Cut
    Atlantis: The Lost Empire - Collector's Edition PENDING
    Donnie Darko (New sealed) $18.50
    Edward Scissorhands - 10th Anniversary Edition
    The Evil Dead
    The Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn - Limited Edition Tin (03301/50000 - Sealed and OOP) $35
    Eyes Wide Shut
    Far and Away
    Grease - Widescreen Carboard Case (Will only trade for something involving keepcase version)
    Groove - Special Edition PENDING
    Jumanji - Original Version (OOP very rare) PENDING
    Little Rascals (TV show) 6 DVD set (All 12 volumes) (New and Sealed) $30
    The Lost Boys
    The Martial Arts Collection (Sealed) $35
    Night of the Living Dead - 30th Anniversary Limited Edition (Sealed 13729/15000) $22
    Panic Room - Superbit (Sealed) $15
    The Princess Bride
    Reindeer Games
    Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
    The Rocky Horror Picture Show - 25th Anniversary Edition (Sealed) $17
    Rose Red
    Sex and The City - Season 1 (Sealed) $24
    Shakespeare In Love - Collector's Edition (Sealed) PENDING
    Sid & Nancy - Criterion Collection (Sealed OOP) $53
    The Simpsons Season 1
    The Simpsons Season 2
    Swing Kids
    Vertical Limit
    Walt Disney Treasures - Mickey Mouse In Living Color (OOP)$28
    West Side Story (OOP) PENDING
    Whatever it Takes
    All the DVDs are in great working condition with all cases, discs, and inserts in great condition. All sale prices include shipping
    I also have the following three Playstation 2 games up for trade:
    NBA Street
    Tekken Tag Tournament
    My biggest want at the moment is this:
    which was vailable from Paul Champgane Designs but is no longer being made. Will trade very well if anyone has this.
    I would also like this:
    as well.
    Among my wants are:
    LE (Numbered) DVDs
    All 5 Ranma 1/2 box sets
    All 3 Fushigi Yugi box sets
    All 6 sessions of Cowboy Bebop (individuals or perfect sessions)
    OOP DVDs
    Click HERE for the complete want list.
    There are three PS2 Games I am interested in as well:
    NBA Live 2003
    and MLB Slugfest 2003
    I will consider all offers, even 2 for 1 depending on the MSRP and lowest available prices. So offer me anything at all. All offers will be entertained and responded to within 2 days.
  2. Patrick.J.A

    Patrick.J.A Stunt Coordinator

    Jun 27, 2002
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    Jan 23, 2002
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    YGM re: Sid & Nancy CC
  4. Patrick.J.A

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    Jun 27, 2002
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    Added Donnie Darko and The Alec Guinness Collection
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    Jun 8, 2000
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    Just so you know: Even though the Cowboy Bebop isn't being sold, Paul will custom make you one if you ask. Just send him an email!

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