30+ DVDs For Sale! Boogie Nights, Days of Thunder, K-PAX, 8mm, "O", + more

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    These DVDs must go!!! The prices listed include shipping!!!!

    I am selling a chunk of my DVD collection so I can pay off some bills quickly. So, right now I am only looking to sell and I am not interested in trading. These DVDs are opened and in mint/excellent condition with the original cases and inserts (if they came with any). These DVDs are all Region 1 and come from my personal collection. I take great care of my DVD collection. Once again all prices include shipping (Priority shipping and/or insurance are extra). Insurance is recommended on larger orders. I go to the Post Office every Wednesday morning! Right now I only accept Paypal as a form of payment. I only ship within the United States. I am on the Good Trader List. I will consider deals for larger transactions. So, if you see anything of interest please let me know.

    *Recently added titles are in BOLD.

    Take any 20 of the titles below for $155 shipped or any 10 for $80 shipped. (Ordinary People and The Hours not included in offer)

    Other DVDs
    8mm (Nicolas Cage) - $9
    America's Sweethearts (J. Roberts/J. Cusack) - $9
    The Apartment (J. Lemmon/S. MacLaine) - $9
    As Good As It Gets (J. Nicholson/H. Hunt) - $9 SOLD
    Baby Boy (Tyrese/Snoop Dogg) - $9
    Boogie Nights [original release] (Mark Wahlberg) - $10
    A Bridge Too Far (S. Connery/A. Hopkins) - $9
    Business of Strangers (S. Channing/J. Stiles) - $9
    Class (R. Lowe/J. Bisset) - $9
    Days of Thunder (Tom Cruise) - $10
    The Deep End of the Ocean (Michelle Pfeiffer) - $9
    Devil's Own (H. Ford/B. Pitt) - $9
    Dog Day Afternoon (Al Pacino) - $9
    Drive Me Crazy (Melissa Joan Hart) - $9
    Excalibur - $9
    Ghosts of Mars: SE (Ice Cube/N. Henstridge) - $9
    Halloween: Resurrection - $10
    Hardball (Keanu Reeves/Diane Lane) - $9
    The Hours [WS] (N. Kidman/J. Moore/M. Streep) - $14
    How The Grinch Stole Christmas: CE (Jim Carrey) - $9
    K-PAX: CE (K. Spacey/J. Bridges) - $9
    Kiss of the Dragon (Jet Li/B. Fonda) - $9
    The Last Castle [WS] (Redford/Gandolfini) - $9
    Lost in Space (G. Oldman/W. Hurt) - $9
    The Majestic (Jim Carrey) - $9
    Martin Lawrence: Runteldat [WS] - $10
    Maximum Risk (Van Damme/ N. Henstridge) - $9
    The Mod Squad (Claire Danes) - $9
    Mortal Kombat: Annihilation - $9
    The Mothman Prophecies (Richard Gere) - $9
    Murder at 1600 (W. Snipes/D. Lane) - $9
    "O": 2 Disc Deluxe Edition (J. Stiles/J. Hartnett) - $10
    The One: SE (Jet Li) - $9
    Ordinary People [sealed] (M. Tyler Moore/D. Sutherland) - $14
    Planet of the Apes: SE [2 disc] (Mark Wahlberg) - $10
    Primary Colors (John Travolta) - $9
    Romeo Must Die (Jet Li/Aaliyah) - $9 SOLD
    Soul Survivors: The Killer Cut (Eliza Dushku) - $9
    True Crime (Clint Eastwood) - $9
    What's the Worst That Could Happen?: SE (M. Lawrence/D. Devito) - $9
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    Feb 16, 2003
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