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    Any help with these would be appreciated

    1. Using a tempest in a approx 200 vented enclosure, what Fb would you use which would give really good sound quality (ignoring SPL) and which would give you really high SPL (igoring sound quality and a very low Fb)

    2. Is there any physical way of measuring the air speed in a port. I would have use of any equipment in my engineering college (doubt they'ld have anything useful though)

    3. And I'll ask this question again (just for hope), does anyone have a idea of the pressure build up in a vented enclosure (just say for example, a 200L vented tempest with a Fb of approx 17Hz)


    Just have to say, I have a RS SPL meter on the way, can't wait to find out what SPL I can produce in my room with the Tempest. Hopefully about 115dB or more!!! Only for people like us, hearing aid companies would go out of bussiness.
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    For output in a 200L enclosure, 20hz+ will probably be better for SPL while a lower tuning may work for SQ.

    As for calculating air port speed and pressure, I don't know. I would try and just use a program simulator for those numbers.

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