3 Buckaroo Banzai Easter Eggs! "Hidden Info: Watermelons & Alternate DVD Covers"

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    1) Go to the Special Features menu, page 1, and access the list of Deleted Scenes, Page 1. While looking at the first list of 8 of the 14 deleted scenes, manuever to highlight the [SPECIAL FEATURES] box at the bottom middle of the screen. Then push Left to highlight the Watermelon. Press Enter now and a text screen comes up: a made-up newspaper article about Perfect Tommy's experiment with dropping watermelons from the sky to relieve world famine. Press the [More -> ] box at the bottom to access the 2nd page, and go on to the 2nd Easter Egg.

    2) On the 2nd page of the news article, on the bottom left you will see a "BB" (Buckaroo Banzai) logo. Move the cursor Right to the [
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    There are two more Easter Eggs on the main menu page. At the top of the menu are three small blueprints of the Jet Car. Highlight the middle one, hit enter, and you'll be treated to a series of quotes from the movie and other sources. To the left of the Jet Car blueprints is a small button. Highlight that, hit enter, and you'll get to see 36 pages of alternate dvd menu designs. [​IMG]

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