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    I am thinking of purchasing a samsung TXM 2796HF (27" HDTV monitor) for my office/computer room.
    My question is since that model doesnt have 3-2 pulldown, should I get a dvd player that has 3-2 pulldown built in?
    I am a newbie and really don't understand what advantage it has.
    I am gonna purchase a progressive scan dvd player for this tv, but I seen some have progressive scan without the pulldown.
    Is the pulldown the same as 16:9 squeeze?
    I know this model has the squeeze, is that just for interlaced dvd sources?
    Please enlighting me..
    Its all so confusing..

    Also what models of dvd players would you reccomend as a companion to this set.

    Looking at the JVCS500BK or the Philips DVD724AT (both under 150 bucks)
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    • The 2:3 pulldown circuitry compensates for the different rates of film (24 fps) and video (30 fps). It is better to have 2:3 pulldown than not to. So get a DVD player with 2:3 pulldown. You will enjoy a more artifact-free image.

    • The so-called 16:9 "squeeze" has nothing to do with 2:3 pulldown. With the squeeze, a 4:3 set's scanning line raster is collapsed into a 16:9 window or frame.

    • Interlacing has nothing to do with the "squeeze." The squeeze is for the proper presentation of 16:9-encoded DVDs (so-called "anamorphic" discs) and 1080i high-def signals at their full resolution.

    Hope this helps.

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