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2m distance: what display size if contents are mostly Full HD and some 4K? What if using Nvidia Shield? Panel type relevant ? (1 Viewer)


Oct 5, 2020
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Hi everyone,

I know this is a long discussed topic, but after quite some reading, I've yet to come to a conclusion for my specific case, and since since it's about time to finally change my current (very old FullHD) TV, the coming weeks (between Prime Day and Black Friday) might represent the good opportunity.

I have a sofa that can't go beyound 2m distance from the TV panel. I read that at this distance, 4K contents are seen decently on a 50" 4K TV (or, indeed, it's going to be quite a longer-than-optimal distance), while a Full HD content on the same 50" 4K TV is seen too close: 2.5m or even about 3m would be better.

The point is that here in Italy most of the contents still arrives in Full HD through the majority of services: my children use mostly Disney+ and Prime Video along with some non-4K youtubers, while I personally use mostly SkyHD from SAT and DAZN via IP for sports and some personal content in Full HD, along with some youtubers (mostly 4K, covering photography).

So I'm looking for advices or experiences since in the above equation there are two missing factors whose impact I'm not able to quantify:

1) The panel type: for my limited budget, I can't go on OLED, but I could afford something a bit better than a normal LED, e.g. a Samsung QLED, in the league of about 500-600 euros. Does the panel type impacts in any way the discussion on the distance ?
2) The source: as my current TV is not smart (indeed, it's totally dumb), I counter-balanced it this spring purchasing the latest NVidia Shield TV. I read it does an excellent job at upscaling (some argue the best on the market) but I couldn't witness it since Full HD content on a Full HD TV doesn't require it. Does an excellent upscaling impacts the discussion on optimal distance ?

All in all, I would rather avoid ending up with an inadequately sized panel, paradoxically too small in a few years if most of the content shifts towards 4K, nor too big to cause headaches to me or worse to my children while watching lower-than-4K contents.

Thanks anyone for any contribution.


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