24" Tau, Toshiba or Sony flat TV??

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    Jan 7, 2000
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    I've decided to get a 24" flat TV - these are the three choices i have:
    Toshiba 24AF41C
    Panasonic Tau CT24SX11
    Sony Wega KV24FV12
    can anybody tell me whether the picture quality is comparable on all 3 TVs or does one do a better job than the others? i know that the Panasonic and Toshiba both have component video while the Sony only has S-Video
    the Toshiba is the cheapest of the three but whether that is due to marketing or the fact that the Sony/Panasonic are simply better TV's, i don't know - I have noticed that the Panasonic seems to have a darker "greenish" tint than the other two TVs
    any help would be appreciated
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    same question from me, only six months later [​IMG]
    what TV did you end of getting Dan?

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