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    Ronald Epstein

    The following review takes place between 12pm-2pm

    It all began a year ago. I was reviewing DVD
    product on this forum and had just received the
    24 Season One boxed set from Fox Home Video.
    I had never heard of the show, and it didn't help
    the studio was sending me the DVD screeners in blank,
    black generic cases that contained no description of
    what I was receiving.

    I could once again go into the entire story of
    how I came to watch and fall in love with 24,
    but perhaps the best thing for me to do is to point
    you to the original DVD review that I posted late
    last year. Read it first before you move on...

    24: Season One DVD Review

    By the time you get to this point, you have
    hopefully read my initial review and now understand
    how I find myself amongst the show's most die-hard
    fans. In the past year, I have turned friends and
    co-workers onto this show. Almost everyone I know
    has purchased the 24 Season One boxed set,
    and not one single person has regretted the investment.

    The wait to finally watch this new season came
    a little longer than I had anticipated. Since I
    never have time to watch broadcast television, there
    was no opportunity to watch the second season during
    its original broadcast on FOX.

    I actually prefer to watch this show on DVD over
    broadcast TV because there are no commercials, and
    I don't have to painstakingly wait an entire week
    just to see how a cliffhanger resolves itself.

    The most important piece of advice I can give
    anyone about to watch 24 is that you must
    be able to commit yourself to this show. Don't be too
    surprised to be so immersed in the show that you
    find yourself ignoring your daily/nightly routine.
    I didn't initially plan on doing this, but I was
    so completely involved with 24 Season Two that
    I watched all 24 episodes within 4-5 days. There
    were plenty of nights that I lost sleep because I
    needed to get on to the next episode in order to
    find out what was happening next.



    24: Season Two

    I suppose by now you have figured out that I
    thoroughly loved 24 Season Two. I went
    into this season believing that the events of
    the first season couldn't be topped. Was I ever
    wrong! Just as with the original first season, 24
    Season Two
    pulled me in at the very first
    episode, strapped me to a rollercoaster chair,
    and refused to let me go for the next 24 hours
    of programming.

    No need to go into the plot here. Many of you
    don't need this show spoiled for you. All I will
    say is that this season greatly exceeds the
    previous in its edge-of-your-seat storyline. It's
    rather astonishing that as "unbelievable" as
    these events can be, they still manage to remain
    believable enough to the viewer that there's an
    addiction in coming back for more week after week.

    The show can best be described as an overblown
    soap opera. Here is a cast of characters whose
    every action we follow through a period of a
    single day. Within that period, we learn their
    innermost traits, fears and vulnerabilities.
    It was The X Files that warned us to
    trust no-one. In 24, expect to
    mistrust everyone. This show thrives on
    twists, turns and surprises and you never know
    which side of the fence a certain character
    resides upon.

    If there's one character I have truly connected
    with in this show, it is that of David Palmer
    (Dennis Haysbert), my personal favorite player
    of this entire series. First, I think it's
    great that the show features an African-American
    as President of The United States. Furthermore,
    it's easy to reach out with your heart for his
    strong-willed and sympathetic character because
    it truly represents what all of us want our
    President to be.

    The show is purposely filmed with handheld
    cameras in order to draw us into the action as
    if we are actually there as a bystander. We are
    drawn into the most intimate moments of these
    character's lives. As a viewer, it's often easy
    to feel the same emotional rush as the characters
    themselves are feeling.

    Sure, there a few timeline flaws here and there.....

    (Run your mouse over spoiler and left click)

    Jack Bauer assaults Tony Almeida at CTU which
    results in a disturbing injury to Tony's leg.
    We are forced to believe that within 11 minutes
    the leg is looked at by a medic, bandaged up, and
    Tony is now walking around on crutches.

    And why Kim Bauer is even in this show other
    than for comic relief is beyond me. Here's a
    girl that should lock herself in a closet for
    there is no-one that can be trusted in her world.
    Fortunately, there's plenty of tight undershirt
    scenes shot in cold rooms which gives plenty an
    excuse to keep her in the show.

    My ONE complaint to the people who
    produced this DVD

    The actual enjoment of watching 24 Season Two
    on DVD was diminished because of the amount of
    spoilers that the folks at Fox put into their
    MENU screens.

    I'm actually surprised the producers of this disc
    didn't think about what they were doing. Here's
    an example....

    (Run your mouse over the spoilers ONLY if
    you have already completed Season Two)

    At the end of one episode, Jack Bauer and Nina
    are in a plane together. Nina is in Jack's
    custody, handcuffed to a chair. The plane is
    shot at and goes down. The episode ends on a
    cliffhanger as to what the fate of the crew will be.

    Well, you go to the MENU of the next episode
    and the first thing you see....

    A picture of Nina on the ground pointing a
    gun at Jack Bauer

    So, without even watching the next episode the
    viewer has already concluded that....

    Both Bauer and Nina survive and somehow Nina
    was able to pull a gun on Jack.

    The photos on just about EVERY EPISODE MENU
    give away a major plot point to the episode you
    haven't even watched yet. It left me bitterly
    frustrated throughout this entire set because
    a single photo ruined the surprise element.

    The folks at Fox Home Video should learn from
    this mistake and not put plot-revealing photos
    in their menus. Additionally, I don't recommend
    anyone reading the booklet that came with the DVD
    until AFTER you have watched the entire season.
    That also comes with its share of plot spoilers.

    The good points

    Fox has put together a season boxed set that
    should please the fanbase.

    First, the transfers are terrific. Presented
    in anamorphic widescreen, picture image is well
    detailed with good color rendering. The 5.1
    audio is most welcomed here in action sequences
    where gunfire is used. In fact, I was nicely
    surprised by how frequently I heard rear-channel
    information during each episode.

    There's a really interesting two-part documentary
    on the 7th bonus disc that looks at the production
    of the show as we tag along with Director/Producer
    Jon Cassar. Just as the show itself manages to
    do, we get pulled into high-profile events such
    as some of the production's top-secret meetings
    where plot lines are being revealed for the very
    first time.

    We also visit several of the outdoor locales
    that were used as backdrops this season, as well
    as the show's very familiar looking CTU set.
    There are some interesting interviews with
    Sarah Wynter (Kate Warner), Elisha Cuthbert (Kim
    Bauer), Dennis Haysbert (David Palmer) and
    most notably, Penny Johnson (Sherry Palmer) who
    talks about the influence of the show's first
    couple on African-Americans. It's rather touching
    to see the kind of off-screen friendship and
    support that both these actors show for each

    We get to visit the Los Angeles arena where
    Producer/Director John Cassar begins mapping out
    sequences with actor Keifer Sutherland. Later,
    we watch Keifer train for the show's climatic

    Why haven't you seen this show yet?

    Everyone likes to be know what's current and
    what's hot. Nothing could be hotter than 24.
    In short, it's the most innovative TV series to
    come out of Tinseletown in a long time. You are
    probably on another planet if you haven't noticed
    your friends and co-workers talking about this
    show for the past two years. It's about to enter
    it's third season, so if you haven't jumped on the
    24 bandwagon yet, NOW is the time to do so.

    Incidently, after watching the very last moments
    of Season Two finale, it's sort of odd to find
    out that the first episode of Season Three
    (which airs commercial-free on October 28th) takes
    place three years after those events. I don't
    know why the present crisis at the end of Season
    Two is not immediately resumed in Season Three --
    but then again, when has this show ever
    followed normality.

    Let me sum it all up


    24 is perhaps the best TV show you will
    ever watch. If you can believe it, it's bigger
    and better than the previous season.
    There are more plot twists, edge-of-your-seat
    cliffhangers and never-ending surprises with
    every changing hour. Not bad for a day's work!
  2. Ziv L

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    Jul 26, 2003
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    Agree with every word... Can't wait to the end of the month to watch season #3
    Oh, and I also recommend you to watch "The Shield"
  3. Dave Scarpa

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    David Scarpa
    Good Review Ron, and you're right on the money regarding Kim. I expected somehow that her storyline would wrap back into the plot but it never did, and then it got ridiculous.
    Season 3 looks really good as well and I'm glad it starts a few years after the events of season 2. I just wish they would drop Kim, her storylines are mere distractions and always slow the ep down. But alas she's there again in S3.

    I have both box sets but have yet to watch either but I will get to them. I wanted to hold off watching S3 and wait for the eventual release but I just don't think I can wait.
  4. Matthew Kiernan

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    May 13, 2001
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    I agree with you, Ron, on Fox's poor choice of photos for the menu screens. They did give away WAY too much. But other than that, yes it was a great package for a great show. I didn't mind the cougar too much!
  5. Chad A Wright

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    Jul 22, 2002
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    My wife and I just closed our eyes when we knew the menu screen was about to pop up. That was a very poor choice on the part of Fox.

    I agree with every word that Ron wrote. This is the greatest TV show on the air today. Possibly one of the greatest ever.
  6. Andrew Bunk

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    Nov 2, 2001
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    I watched this set in two days-16 eps. on a Sunday and 8 on a Monday night. Worth every penny.
  7. Greg_S_H

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    May 9, 2001
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    North Texas
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    Pace yourselves, guys! You can make the joy last almost a month if you do! [​IMG]

    I haven't picked up either of the 24 sets, but I've had the same problem with DS9 and Smallville. I finish one ep and want to keep going, but I force myself to only watch one. Well, two at the most. Sometimes three a day on the weekends. [​IMG] But, normally only one. [​IMG]
  8. MikeEckman

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    I wholeheartedly agree, if you have gone this far without watching an episode of 24, do it now, but here are two very important things to keep in mind:

    1. If you have any interest in the show (and I assure you if you give it a chance you will), watch Season 1 first, before watching anything of Season 2. Even if you just want to see one episode to see if you'll like it, save yourself. If you watch anything from Season 2, you will quickly discover who isn't dead yet from Season 1.

    2. Season 1 has almost no supplements, so this isn't a problem, but Season 2 has a couple commentaries...one of which is on Disc 1. DO NOT LISTEN TO THE COMMENTARIES until you are done with the whole season. The characters talk about the whole season, rather than just the episode you are watching.

    OKay, I have one more guideline...

    3. Enjoy! [​IMG]
  9. Greg S

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    Mar 13, 2000
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    You are absolutely correct about Kim. I pray that they tone down her involvement in Season 3 A LOT she is truly the MAJOR detracting point in the show for me.

    I would imagine that the 1st episode of Season 3 will have a lot of "backfill" to it to explain what all went down after the end of Season 2. Afterall they have a few items to explain ...

    President Palmer's attack, the Kim and her boyfriend thing I am sure will be revisted, any further explanation on palmer' wife going away in handcuffs, also the bit about palmer's staff member (can't remember her name) who was pushed off the steps, and of course Jack's final outcome.

    I also COMPLETELY agree with you about the Menus, this sucked!! I did the eye closing thing as well.

    Anyway Loved Season 1 == 10+++, completely enjoyed Season 2 == 7, lets see if Season 3 can get me back to 10!! Sadly it will have to be another year until then for that though.

  10. Nick Sievers

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    Jul 1, 2000
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    I've only recently got into this show. About a month ago I purchased Season 1 on recommendations. I sat down on a Sunday afternoon planning to watch the pilot, I watched about 7 or 8 episodes in a row. Then during the week I watched about 2 or 3 a night until I finished up on the Friday. As soon as it finished I went online and ordered a copy of Season 2. Watched it in 2 days last week, easily the most entertaining show on TV. I really didn't want it to end.

    I think the show works better on DVD but I don't think i'll be waiting another year to watch Season 3. Everyone mentions how easy Kim is to look at, I prefer Sarah Wynter's character myself. [​IMG]
  11. Shane_Anthony

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    Sep 30, 2003
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    I had watched both shows during the network broadcasts but they are so much more enjoyable on dvd..Being able to skip over commercials is the best!!

    The only downside is that flashing clock drives you nuts after a while [​IMG]
  12. MikeEckman

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    Jan 11, 2001
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    One thing I kinda wished Fox would have done, would have been to re-edit the shows to seamlessly take out the commercial breaks. The first episode of Season 2 was aired without commercials, but there are still times when the clock comes up on the screen and shows 4 things happening at once. I figured, Fox could have done the same thing with all the other episodes and instead of the clock and then black for a second or two, just reedited that gap to show the 4 scenes and clock, and then jumped back into the show after the commercial break. This would probably have shortened each episode by about 10 seconds or so, and probably would have taken effort to do, but I think it would have been a nice effect, without alternating the original vision of each episode.
  13. TonyD

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    Disney World and Universal Florida
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    Tony D.
    how about a play all feature?
  14. oscar_merkx

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    Apr 15, 2002
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    You are as always passionate as ever with recommending dvds to us.

    I have not even seen season 1, so perhaps time to play catch up. Then again there are so many dvds out there waiting to be discovered.

    Bring on Indy

  15. Tom_Bechet

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    May 20, 2002
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    I knew about the menus before hand so just closed my eyes and switched to mute until the episode started.

    Great show. I missed it on TV in the UK, it only started braodcasting in the rest of europe (but not in english[​IMG])
    I decided to get the DVDs and I was very surprised to get the UKR2 limited edition of Season1+2 together. Absolutely brilliant.
    Unfortunately this blind buy (90$US) has lead to a massive increase in buying TV shows on DVD[​IMG]

    So for everyone who hasn't seen it: DO IT NOW!!

    real shame that S3 is soooo far away

    PS Tony there is a play all option on season2 not for season1 (at least for UKR2)
  16. Sean Moon

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    Jan 25, 2001
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    Thank you Ron. I fell in love with this drug with this season. I saw enough of Season One to know who was who on this one, and while watching this, fell in love. My roomate who hates most TV shows and movies is now in love with this show and just goes on using the word Bauer as a verb, like "dont make me Bauer you!" Its actually kinda funny. Now we are going thru season one and I tell everyone I know about this show. This is CRACK. Plain and simple. DO yourself a favor and buy it NOW.
  17. Tom_Bechet

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    May 20, 2002
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    how many times does he use "damn" then??

    PS I was the same. never watched any show on TV except for Friends, simpsons and futurama. Always was under the impression that TV shows are subpar. (Which they obviously are NOT!!!)
    Now I'll try out Alias, maybe the shield etc
    this fall is so expensive (futurama season4 is out int he UK and will definately be the straw that beaks the camel's back.
  18. Steven Simon

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    Steven Simon
    I also love this show, and watch it live religously...


    As stated above, you should also check out "The Shield". One of the best cop shows I have ever seen...
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