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    Aug 1, 1999
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    When I installed Directv about a year ago, I bought a 24" dish with a dual LNB (yes .. its 24", not 18"). At that time I was told that the bigger dish would make alignment easier and that its performance in bad weather would also be "better".
    The dish is working perfectly fine .. no complaints really ... the signals fed to my 2 Hughes boxes are strong and fine.
    I am now considering the move to HDTV .. and I see that a 18"x24" oval dish is called for (to recv HBO HDTV from DirectV .. I already get regular HBO from them).
    Does anyone know if my existing 24" round dish will do the job ?
    What is it about the 18"x24" dish ?
    Is it just that a wider dish is needed to catch the signals from 2 satellites .. or is it something else ?
    Thanks in advance !
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    Sankar -
    I am in the same situation as you are. Bought a 24" dish w/dual LNB over a year ago, currently have it hooked to two Hughes receivers.
    I am in the process of ordering the new Hughes E86 Titan HD Sat/OTA HD IRD. This also comes with the new 18"x24" elliptical dish.

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