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Sep 17, 2005
Scarsdale, NY
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Robert Zohn
I'm having a blast at NAB. I saw many of my Broadcast engineer and business development friends and learned a lot about ATSC 3.0 and HFR.

We can expect to see ATSC 3.0 finalized and available in the market by the end of this summer. This will enable broadcasters to deliver UHD/HDR OTT, OTA and IP.

I spent a lot of time at NHK, BBC, Sony and Panasonic booths. Went to the Technology meet and greet luncheon where they also had the NAB's annual awards presentations.

Panasonic's TC-65WZ1000U OLED looks stunning and NHK had a very cool ultra large screen 8K theater with Dolby Atmos 22 channel audio demo.

Just finished my NAB session. I was honored by the good turnout of TV and equipment manufacturer executives. Joe Kane attended and at the end congratulated me on my excellent and informative presentation.



Here's the overview of my speech:

The New UHD, HDR, BT2020 Color Gamut, 10-bit Displays and EOTF TV System
Thu. April 27| 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM | N258

Don't miss this informative presentation on how the end user market has grown exponentially fueled by a compelling picture and audio advancements as a result of the new TV System.

The new UHD/HDR TV System has created the largest consumer demand for new TV purchases, which is far greater than the past two TV System upgrades where we moved from B&W to rec. 601 color in the mid fifties and the succeeding standards in 1997 when we moved from analog to digital Full HD with rec.709 color.

This presentation will discuss the advances in UHD that now include Dolby Vision HDR, HLG HDR, Technicolor HDR and HDR10 HDR, the new color gamuts, P3 aka DCI and rec.2020 as well as Electro Optical Transfer Function and 10-bit hardware panels.

The discussion will focus on consumers adoption of HDR and what and how content drives sales of the new UHD HDR displays and connected devices like UHD Blu-ray players and streaming, which currently drives this market.

We'll cover how OLED and LCD/LED compete in this new market and what it takes to build the market and how broadcasters, streaming providers and Hollywood fit into the potential large growth market.

The presenter will review how consumer display tone map HDR's peak luminance to their capability and how they perform with the enhanced BT.2020 color gamut, 10bit and EOTF.

The potential is unlimited for O&Os and Independent broadcasters to now take advantage of the consumer demand for HDR and WCG by delivering HLG HDR on their existing Full HD infrastructure and how this can be employed quickly with little to no capitol equipment investment by broadcasters and content providers.

Program: Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference (All)

Key Topic: UHD/HDR/4K Adoption

And here's the Power Point slide presentation I created that went along with my presentation. I had a lot of talking points on each slide and my session was audio recorded if anyone wants to here my entire program.

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