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Apr 30, 2008
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marc soaper
I know we are close to the studios finishing on releases coming at the end of the year.
I have a list here of shows that have never had an official tv on dvd release.some of the shows may have had a vhs or public domain release but no dvd release.
OK the list of shows are
Dennis the Menace
After Mash
Barnaby jones
Eight is enough
Ben Casey
Car 54 Where are you
Dear John

I have no inside info just a tv on dvd fan.
It will be fun to look back a year from now to see what if any of these shows had a 2009 release


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Jul 3, 2005
I think After Mash will be released at some point. Fox could release the entire series in one shot, and most Mash fans will probably buy it.
I'm rather new to Mash. I love it, and I'm really curious about After Mash.

Bob Hug

May 19, 2005
Of your list, I'd love to get "Car 54, Where Are You?" The good news is that the series is with Paramount so there's always a chance. But if I were a betting man, I'd guess that there are probably other higher profile shows that Paramount would release before getting to "Car 54." Paramount's been doing licensing of some of its lesser known film titles to Legend Films so it would be interesting to see if there would be any licensing possibilities for some television shows as well. I know that a company like Shout! Factory or S'more Entertainment would do a good job with this series.

Gary OS

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Feb 2, 2004
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With those wise words in mind, my guess would be that Paramount will release "The Lucy Show" next year. That's got to be at the top of their "to release" list, or so one would think.

Gary "I'd put really good money on seeing that show released next year" O.


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Deceased Member
Feb 1, 2007
Real Name
Scott D. Atwell
My hopes:

My World and Welcome To It

The Paul Lynde Show

Peyton Place

Room 222

The Smith Family

All of Trek (infra-red series).



Supporting Actor
Sep 9, 2006
Real Name
Nikki Fineing
my hopes for 2009 include: (some are long shots but hope some see a release)

10-8: Officers On Duty (2003) starring Ernie Hudson
13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo, The (1985) starring Casey Kasem
2000 Malibu Road (1992) starring Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Beals
Alienated (2003) starring Sarah-Jane Redmond
Angela's Eyes (2006) starring Abigail Spencer
Blind Justice (2005) starring Ron Eldard
Boston Public (2000) starring Loretta Devine and Jeri Ryan
California Dreams (1992) starring Kelly Packard
The Collector (2004) starring Carly Pope
The Division (2001) starring Bonnie Bedelia and Lisa Vidal
Ed (2000) starring Thomas Cavanagh
Eyes (2005) starring Tim Daly and Eric Mabius
Family Law (1999) starring Kathleen Quinlan and Dixie Carter
Flying Blind (1992) starring Tea Leoni
The Game (2006) starring Tia Mowry
Hannah Montana (2006) - starring Miley Cyrus (season sets)
In Justice (2006) starring Kyle MacLachlan
Jake Effect, The (2003) starring Jason Bateman
Judging Amy (1999) starring Amy Brenneman and Tyne Daly
Justice (2006) starring Kerr Smith and Victor Garber
Kevin Hill (2004) starring Taye Diggs
Moonlight (2007) starring Sophia Myles
New Amsterdam (2007) starring Alexie Gilmore
Night Man (1997) starring Matt McColm and Derek Webster
One On One (2001) starring Kyla Pratt
The Others (2000) starring Missy Crider
Out of Practice (2005) starring Stockard Channing
Party Girl (1996) starring Christine Taylor
Prey (1998) starring Debra Messing
Promised Land (1996) starring Austin O'Brien
Providence (1999) starring Melina Kanakaredes (season sets)
Reasonable Doubts (1991) starring Mark Harmon and Marlee Matlin
Relativity (1996) starring Kimberley Williams
Sleepwalkers (1997) starring Naomi Watts and Bruce Greenwood
South Of Nowhere (2005) starring Maeve Quinlan
Summerland (2004) starring Jesse McCartney, Ryan Kwanten and Lori Loughlin
Teachers (2006) starring Sarah Shahi
Threat Matrix (2003) starring James Denton
Veritas: The Quest (2003) starring Cobie Smulders
Women's Murder Club (2007) starring Angie Harmon
Young Americans (2000) starring L Word's Katherine Moennig
Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane (1999) starring Selma Blair

and more Touched By An Angel, She Spies, Poltergeist: The Legacy, Mad About You, Crossing Jordan, Third Watch, The Commish, Doc, Quincy, Cold Squad, America's Next Top Model, Boomtown, NYPD Blue, Picket Fences, Cagney & Lacey, This Is Wonderland, Hill Street Blues, Boy Meets World, The Equalizer, Murder She Wrote, 8 Simple Rules, Ned and Stacey, Silk Stalkings, Benson, All In the Family, Strong Medicine, Nanny 911, Matlock, Becker, Dinner For Five,The Sentinel, Law & Order etc

bold = announced

Ian K McLachlan

Second Unit
Aug 19, 2006
Real Name
Ian Kenneth McLachlan
I hope that the following are released next year -

1. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Season 4
2. Flipper Series 2 and 3
3. Daktari
4. The Lucy Show
5. Mr. Terrific (If Quark why not this one!)
6. Search
7. Ellery Queen (Currently being repeated here in Britain)
8. The Smith Family
9. The Defenders (I don't understand why this one has not been released)
10. Tarzan
11. My World and Welcome to It. (One of the really originally shows)
12. He and She (Paula Prentiss and Richard Benjamin)
13. More Laugh Ins.
14. Naked City Season 1
15. 77 Sunset Strip
16. Hawian EYE
17. Logan's Run
18. Fantastic Journey
19. Lassie - Jeff's Collie
20. The Banana Splits (Original series)


Stunt Coordinator
Aug 20, 2007
Real Name
Richard Villafana
My hopes (which will likely go largely or totally unrealized) are:

77 Sunset Strip
Surfside Six
Hawaiian Eye
Cheyenne (complete the series)
Maverick (complete the series)
Ben Casey
St. Elsewhere (continue or complete the series)
The Virginian
Peter Gunn (continue or complete)
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (complete)
Coronet Blue
Naked City (please, please complete)
East Side/West Side
The Untouchables (continue)
Route 66 (continue)
Colt .45

to name but a few. I know most of them are ancient, but a lot of them are quality, and I cling to my dreams. :laugh:

Peter M Fitzgerald

Senior HTF Member
Mar 21, 1999
Real Name
Peter Fitzgerald
I'm hoping most for (but am not counting on):

Boris Karloff's THRILLER (with 2/3 of NIGHT GALLERY out of the way, perhaps this is possible)

DRAGNET (1968+, un-stalled, mabe through a surrogate like SHOUT! FACTORY or BCI... a Time/Life complete series set, maybe?)

MAVERICK (former member Hank Dearborn mentioned rumors of WB shopping some of their older shows around to smaller DVD outfits, and with the series currently running on Encore Westerns... hmmm...)

DECOY (non-PD)
PANIC! / NO WARNING! --all four of these would seem to be ideal Timeless or Infinity releases (ala TATE, M SQUAD and MAN WITH A CAMERA)

CORONET BLUE (a longshot, but perhaps an INVADERS-style release from CBS/Paramount?)

T.H.E. CAT (an extreme longshot, but through some miracle, a "complete series" set, whoever owns it... Universal? Fox? Paramount? Lionsgate?)

What I expect we'll probably get:

MANNIX: Seasons 2 & 3
THE INVADERS: Season 2 (perhaps split)
RAWHIDE: Season 4 (split)
THE UNTOUCHABLES: Season 3 (split)
ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS: Season 4 (if not announced for late 2008)


Stunt Coordinator
May 15, 2007
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September 15th 2008-D Day for WB TV Forum Chat.
If there is a "DVD GOD" out there,please make it official for all of those classic tv shows from 55'-63" would be transferred onto dvd.
My first priority will be "CHEYENNE".
Any Clint "CHEYENNE" Walker Fan will tell you that the 2nd and 3rd Season of "CHEYENNE" was the heart and soul of this great series.
The remaining seasons would be a bonus.:emoji_thumbsup:


Nov 13, 2006
Real Name
My top five:

The Big Valley (finish, preferably in full-season sets)
Mannix (continue)
The Name of the Game
Knots Landing (my guess is that Warner Bros. is waiting to finish the Dallas sets before releasing this show, but I'm hopeful)
Cheyenne (continue)


Oct 8, 2006
Real Name
Paul Pisano
Twelve o clock high
The gallant men
Black sheep squadron- the rest of the series.
s.w.a.t- the remaining seasons.
voyage to the bottom of the sea-season 4.
mike hammer- there was a prime time CBS series that also starred Stacy Keach.

Bob Hug

May 19, 2005

I hold hope for "Dragnet" (1960s version) now that Shout! is issuing season 2 of "Adam-12." They would be the most logical company to handle the remaining "Dragnet" seasons, but I think that sales of "Adam-12" season 2 may be an indicator of whether or not we'll see more "Dragnet."

As much as I'd love to see more "Decoy," specifically, a high quality official release of the entire series, I'd guess that it's a long shot for all of the usual reasons . . . too old, syndicated show, black & white, one season wonder, etc., etc. Still, Liberation Entertainment has the rights to the show and I agree, I'd love to see this come from an independent (the only possible way that it will ever get released). Incidentally, Timeless did release 10 eps. from the series of the public domain variety a few years ago under its budget "Timeless TV" line.

Liberation Entertainment US | Drama | Decoy

The other two are intriguing to say the least, particularly "Coronet Blue." Recently, Paramount has begun to license some of its back film catalog to Legend Films, films like "Mandingo," "King of the Gypsies," "Hurricane" and others. These are films that Paramount decided not to release under the Paramount banner, so they licensed them to Legend. My hope is that Paramount might consider doing the same for some of its older televsion titles for which they have no interest in releasing themselves. If Paramount were to begin licensing some older and/or more obscure television shows as it is doing with its film catalog, then we might see "Coronet Blue" or a comedy like "Car 54, Where are You?"


Apr 30, 2008
Real Name
marc soaper
I really hope Shout or someone picks up Dragnet 1960's.
I have season 1 and would really like to see the show get completed. speaking of Universal titles where is the Beav.We need seasons 3 through 6 of all the stalled shows this is by far number 1 on my get off the crapper and finish the show on DVD List.


Stunt Coordinator
Apr 23, 2007
Real Name
Jack Mooney
In 2009, I'd like to see the following:

Continued Releases
The Rockford Files - Season 6
Matlock - Seasons 2 and 3
Murder, She Wrote - Season 9 and beyond
Cannon - Season 2
Mannix - Season 2

New to DVD
Harry O


Feb 24, 2007
Real Name
Joe Corey
That Girl Season 5
Invaders Season 2
Duckman Season 3 & 4
Mod Squad S. 2, vol 2 and season 3
Love Boat S. 2
Untouchables S. 3
Love American Style S. 2 & 3
Mission Impossible S. 6 & 7

Joe Lugoff

Senior HTF Member
Feb 4, 2005
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In case the studios are reading this, I'll vote:

Paramount, come on already with "The Lucy Show." Lucy was the most popular TV star in history, but her fans aren't getting any younger!

Sony, license out "Dennis the Menace" and the rest of "Hazel," as you're doing with "The Donna Reed Show."

Fox, we Mary Tyler fans want some Moore.

Joe "sorry for the worst pun in HTF history" L.


Senior HTF Member
Apr 22, 2003
Guys. One indicator we might have is what corresponding movies are coming out next year. In 2009, there will be Land of the Lost movie starring Will Ferrell, so because of that we might get another repackaged Land of the Lost tv series and a few other Kroft tv shows like The Lost Saucer, Far Out Space Nuts, Electrowoman and Dynagirl.

Mind you. I'm just guessing.

Since there'll be Transformers and GI Joe movies coming out, I think there'll also be some tv collections of their corresponding animated series.

Now, there is a TVDVD slowdown due to various reasons. I do think many collections will continue, but not as many unreleased ones. Mission Impossible, Hawaii Five-0, the Waltons, Seventh Heaven will continue on. I'm guessing because they're still putting out new sets, so I guess they're selling well. With other shows such as Cheers and Wings coming to the conclusion of their DVD run, Paramount might re-consider finishing Taxi, Happy Days, and a few other programs.

That's just a guess on my part. I am not with the tv industry.

I do think Eight is Enough and Maverick might be in the consideration by WB as new properties to be considered.

I think Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea will finish up it's fourth season.

As for short-lived programs like Quark or last year's Voyagers that nobody could predict coming out, I couldn't have a guess on what other beloved classics might be on somebody's sights, but it does give one hopes.

If you want your favorites to come out, buy your sets, and write letters.
That's what I'm trying to do.


Matt Hough

Senior HTF Member
Apr 24, 2006
Charlotte, NC
Real Name
Matt Hough
I don't understand the hesitancy on Universal's part for doing ELLERY QUEEN at all. It's a period series so it's not going to look dated at all, and there is only one season of it, so no hassles about additional seasons. I can't remember now if there's a great use of period music with the show which might cause some license headaches, but I don't recall there being that much period music.

At any rate, that would be a great gift if they'd put that out (and do THE SNOOP SISTERS while they're at it.)

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