1. Bought a couple of $5 DVDs today, but I think one might be mislabeled.

    Mr. Jones (1993, Richard Gere) was originally released in 2000 as a WS/FS DVD.

    The packaging on the 2005 reissue claims to have dropped the FS version and retained the WS, but in most cases Sony did the opposite.

    In short, I think the packaging may be incorrect and the disc may be FS-only.

    I haven't opened it yet, because I don't want to have a problem taking the item back.

    Anyone know anything about this release?
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    Mar 19, 2000
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    Well, I bought the movie Buddy in the Walmart $5.50 bin that claimed it had both fullscreen and widescreen and opened it to find fullscreen only. I emailed Columbia about it and got no reply. Unfotunately, the only way to know for sure is to open it. However, I would think that you could take it back as defective since it says one thing on the package and is another thing inside the package.

    I smell to recall that some of those Columbia titles did drop the fullscreen version instead of the widescreen, which I thought was odd since the opposite appears to be favored.
  3. There seems to be some evidence that Sony has heard the wailing of film fans and stopped dumping WS versions.

    While at the Walmart bin today, I spotted another Sony film (Can't Hardly Wait).

    The old 1998 version and the new 2004 version were in the bin and the new version appears to be WS-only.

    This bodes well for Mr. Jones and I now believe that Sony is retaining the WS version for reissue use.

    It's about time.

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