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Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by Jason Seaver, May 16, 2005.

  1. Jason Seaver

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    Here it is, the annual thread where we look at the (announced) plans of the networks; I'll be updating it as the networks announce their schedules this week:


    07:00 (ABC) - America's Funniest Home Videos
    07:00 (CBS) - 60 Minutes
    07:00 (FOX) - Animated reruns
    07:00 (NBC) - Dateline NBC
    07:00 (tWB) - Reba reruns

    07:30 (FOX) - King of the Hill
    07:30 (tWB) - Reba reruns

    08:00 (ABC) - Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
    08:00 (CBS) - Cold Case
    08:00 (FOX) - The Simpsons
    08:00 (NBC) - The West Wing
    08:00 (tWB) - Charmed

    08:30 (FOX) - The War at Home

    09:00 (ABC) - Desperate Housewives
    09:00 (CBS) - CBS Sunday Movie
    09:00 (FOX) - Family Guy
    09:00 (NBC) - Law & Order: Criminal Intent
    09:00 (tWB) - Blue Collar Comedy Hour

    09:30 (FOX) - American Dad

    10:00 (ABC) - Grey's Anatomy
    10:00 (NBC) - Crossing Jordan


    08:00 (ABC) - Wife Swap
    08:00 (CBS) - The King of Queens
    08:00 (FOX) - Arrested Development
    08:00 (NBC) - Fathom
    08:00 (UPN) - One on One
    08:00 (tWB) - Seventh Heaven

    08:30 (CBS) - How I Met Your Mother
    08:30 (FOX) - Kitchen Confidential
    08:30 (UPN) - All of Us

    09:00 (ABC) - Monday Night Football
    09:00 (CBS) - Two and a Half Men
    09:00 (FOX) - Prison Break
    09:00 (NBC) - Las Vegas
    09:00 (UPN) - Girlfriends
    09:00 (tWB) - Barely Legal

    09:30 (CBS) - Out of Practice
    09:30 (UPN) - Half & Half

    10:00 (CBS) - CSI: Miami
    10:00 (NBC) - Medium


    08:00 (ABC) - According to Jim
    08:00 (CBS) - NCIS
    08:00 (FOX) - Bones
    08:00 (NBC) - The Biggest Loser
    08:00 (UPN) - Sex, Lies, and Secrets
    08:00 (tWB) - Gilmore Girls

    08:30 (ABC) - Rodney

    09:00 (ABC) - Commander In Chief
    09:00 (CBS) - The Amazing Race
    09:00 (FOX) - House
    09:00 (NBC) - My Name Is Earl
    09:00 (UPN) - America's Next Top Model reruns
    09:00 (tWB) - Supernatural

    09:30 (NBC) - The Office

    10:00 (ABC) - Boston Legal
    10:00 (CBS) - Close to Home
    10:00 (NBC) - Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


    08:00 (ABC) - George Lopez
    08:00 (CBS) - Still Standing
    08:00 (FOX) - That 70s Show
    08:00 (NBC) - The Apprentice: Martha Stewart
    08:00 (UPN) - America's Next Top Model
    08:00 (tWB) - One Tree Hill

    08:30 (ABC) - Freddie
    08:30 (CBS) - Yes, Dear
    08:30 (FOX) - Stacked

    09:00 (ABC) - Lost
    09:00 (CBS) - Criminal Minds
    09:00 (FOX) - Head Cases
    09:00 (NBC) - E-Ring
    09:00 (UPN) - Veronica Mars
    09:00 (tWB) - Related

    10:00 (ABC) - Invasion
    10:00 (CBS) - CSI: New York
    10:00 (NBC) - Law & Order


    08:00 (ABC) - Alias
    08:00 (CBS) - Survivor
    08:00 (FOX) - The O.C.
    08:00 (NBC) - Joey
    08:00 (UPN) - Everybody Hates Chris
    08:00 (tWB) - Smallville

    08:30 (NBC) - Will & Grace
    08:30 (UPN) - Eve

    09:00 (ABC) - The Night Stalker
    09:00 (CBS) - CSI: Crime Scene Investigations
    09:00 (FOX) - Reunion
    09:00 (NBC) - The Apprentice
    09:00 (UPN) - Cuts
    09:00 (tWB) - Everwood

    09:30 (UPN) - Love, Inc.

    10:00 (ABC) - Primetime Live
    10:00 (CBS) - Without a Trace
    10:00 (NBC) - ER


    08:00 (ABC) - Supernanny
    08:00 (CBS) - Ghost Whisperer
    08:00 (FOX) - The Bernie Mac Show
    08:00 (NBC) - Three Wishes
    08:00 (UPN) - WWE Smackdown!
    08:00 (tWB) - What I Like About You

    08:30 (FOX) - Malcolm in the Middle
    08:30 (tWB) - Twins

    09:00 (ABC) - Hope & Faith
    09:00 (CBS) - Threshold
    09:00 (FOX) - The Gate
    09:00 (NBC) - Dateline NBC
    09:00 (tWB) - Reba

    09:30 (ABC) - Hot Properties
    09:30 (tWB) - Living With Fran

    10:00 (ABC) - 20/20
    10:00 (CBS) - Numbers
    10:00 (NBC) - Inconceivable


    08:00 (ABC) - ABC Movie of the Week/Wonderful World of Disney
    08:00 (CBS) - "Crimetime Saturday"
    08:00 (FOX) - Cops
    08:00 (NBC) - NBC Saturday Night Movie

    08:30 (FOX) - Cops

    09:00 (CBS) - "Crimetime Saturday"
    09:00 (FOX) - America's Most Wanted

    10:00 (CBS) - 48 Hours Mysteries

    The Bench

    (ABC) The Bachelor (Monday 8pm)
    (ABC) Crumbs
    (ABC) Emily's Reasons Why Not (Monday 9pm)
    (ABC) The Evidence
    (ABC) In Justice
    (ABC) Jake In Progress (Monday 9:30pm)
    (ABC) Less Than Perfect
    (ABC) The Miracle Workers
    (ABC) Sons & Daughters
    (ABC) What About Brian? (Monday 10pm)

    (CBS) Everything I Know About Men
    (CBS) The Unit

    (FOX) American Idol (Tuesday 10pm, Wednesday 9pm - Bones to Tuesday 9pm, House to Monday 8pm)
    (FOX) Free Birds
    (FOX) The Loop (Wednesday 9:30pm)
    (FOX) Nanny 911
    (FOX) Trading Spouses
    (FOX) 24 (Monday 9pm)

    (NBC) Fear Factor
    (NBC) Four Kings
    (NBC) Scrubs
    (NBC) Thick & Thin

    (UPN) South Beach

    (tWB) The Bedford Diaries
    (tWB) Misconceptions
    (tWB) Modern Men
    (tWB) Pepper Dennis

    The Stats
    ABC: 36% drama, 18% unscripted, 14% comedy, 14% movie, 9% sports, 9% news; 18% new shows
    CBS: 59% drama, 14% comedy, 9% unscripted, 9% news, 9% movie; 23% new shows; 14% franchise (CSI)
    FOX (fall): 47% drama, 40% comedy, 13% unscripted; 47% new shows
    FOX (winter): 40% drama, 30% comedy, 23% unscripted; 27% new shows; 10% franchise (American Idol)
    NBC: 50% drama, 18% unscripted, 14% movie, 9% comedy, 9% news; 25% new shows; 32% franchise (Law & Order, The Apprentice, Dateline)
    UPN: 40% comedy, 20% drama, 20% unscripted, 20% Smackdown!; 20% new shows; 20% franchise (WWE)
    WB: 73% drama, 27% comedy; 27% new shows

    ("new" = not aired in a previous season; "franchise" = more than one related show on during the week)
  2. Jason Seaver

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    Jun 30, 1997
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    Kind of a daring schedule from NBC. Well, for NBC, the most conservative of the networks.

    I didn't think The Office did well enough to merit a second year, I expect long and loud complaints from Scrubs fans (but there's not as many of them as you'd think from the praise that show gets). Also, that's a lot of The Apprentice, and Fear Factor has been a reliable performer; its benching is surprising.

    Remember when NBC programmed a lot of comedy? Now it's down to two hours, and honestly, none of it looks very good. Also, I'm going to bet that about half of Fathom's 13-episode order wind up first-run on the Sci-Fi channel.

    (NBC fall schedule press release found at The Futon Critic)
  3. Brad Porter

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    Jun 8, 1999
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    Moving The West Wing to Sunday nights really sucks. Why does every network have to overprogram Sunday? If HBO didn't replay their original programming later in the week I'd be devastated. Was the Sunday Night Football thing supposed to start in 2006?

    So I guess Law and Order: Trial by Jury is the first spin-off series from that franchise to official die?

    Frankly, at this point I could stop watching NBC entirely and not even notice. I really think they're gambling heavily that people will tune in for a Martha Stewart reality show.

  4. Patrick Sun

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    Jun 30, 1999
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    Can't believe Scrubs is benched.

    These are likely casualties (not sure if they have been officially canned, but most likely):

    Jack & Bobby (I guess that last episode tied up most of the loose ends in case it wasn't coming back, nice of them to do so, unlike Fox AKA limbo-land)

    Summerland - ended with little resolved. Oh well.

    Here's the list of cancelled shows from list from The Futon Critic (re-formated by major network, left off cable shows):

    The Benefactor
    Life As We Know It
    NYPD Blue

    Center of the Universe
    dr. vegas
    Everybody Loves Raymond - quit while they were ahead
    J.A.G. - Elliott left for ABC
    The Will

    The Complex: Malibu
    Jonny Zero
    My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance - lightning not striking twice
    The Next Great Champ - TKO'd
    North Shore - ended without resolving much.
    Point Pleasant - ditto
    Tru Calling - cancelled it 2 times now...
    Who's Your Daddy? - who cares?

    American Dreams - horrible ending
    Committed - I liked this zany show
    The Contender - not a bad show
    Father of the Pride
    Last Comic Standing - the laugh was on the audience
    Law & Order: Trial by Jury - What? how did that happen?
    Medical Investigation - at least got a full season of play.
    Most Outrageous TV Moments
    Revelations - self-explanatory
    Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Model Search - hmm...
    Third Watch

    The WB:
    Big Man on Campus
    Drew Carey's Green Screen
    Grounded for Life
    High School Reunion - maybe they'll do a reunion show of this show in 10 years
    The Mountain - ended very neatly

    Star Trek: Enterprise - RIP
  5. Jason Seaver

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    Jun 30, 1997
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    Truthfully, I can't believe it's lasted this long. I think it's highly overrated, and it really had the crap kicked out of it by House and The Amazing Race this year. I wonder if this is a show that doesn't re-run well, so NBC is planning for a continuous run a la 24 and Alias.
  6. Abby_B

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    May 2, 2005
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    I'm happy to see The Office returning. It is no where near as good as the BBC's version but is still better than most U.S. comedies. I'm surpised to see it on the schedule while Scrubs is on the bench. I wonder if Scrubs is intended to be its replacement after another short season.

    I'm surprised to see West Wing on Sundays. I thought it ended the season with pretty good buzz and that seems like a bold move, given that WW has consistently on Wednesdays for some time now.

    None of the new series, including Martha's Apprentice are all that appealing. I think that the Donald should really be given a rest by now and come back in January instead. Give us time to miss it.
  7. Marc Bax

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    Oct 1, 2003
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    Also happy to see The Office return and very interested in the new lead in for it (My Name Is Earl). The cast sounds fantastic. Here's a description I found.

    "MY NAME IS EARL" is an innovative, irreverent, single-camera comedy.

    Earl (Jason Lee, "Almost Famous," "Chasing Amy") has taken one too many wrong turns on the highway of life. A bully and a low-rent crook, Earl wins a lottery and after an epiphany, he is determined to turn his good fortune into a life-changing event as he sets out to right all the wrongs from his past. Despite his seemingly limited intelligence, he is oddly effective -- and ultimately, the comedy series, like Earl himself, has a voice and style all its own. Written and executive-produced by Greg Garcia ("Yes, Dear"), "Earl" also stars Jamie Pressly ("Not Another Teen Movie") as Earl's wife Joy, Ethan Suplee ("Cold Mountain") as his hapless brother, and Nadine Velazquez ("The Bold and the Beautiful") as a hotel maid whom the brothers befriend. "My Name Is Earl" is produced by Twentieth Century Fox Television."
  8. Mikel_Cooperman

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    Here's some more TV news from TV guide.com

    UPFRONT WEEK IS HERE...: And that can only mean one thing: fall schedule announcements! (And free booze!) Fox doesn't reveal its lineup until Thursday, but word is already leaking that the network has gone and renewed Arrested Development for a third season! Hooray! The network is also expected to bring back the troubled Bernie Mac Show and the new Pamela Anderson comedy Stacked. And it looks like audiences have officially stopped responding to Quintuplets: The Andy Richter comedy is not expected to return in the fall. Ditto for Life on a Stick. ABC, meanwhile, has issued surprise renewals to "bubble" shows Less Than Perfect, Jake in Progress, Rodney, George Lopez, Hope & Faith and — if you can believe it — The Bachelor. Gone are 8 Simple Rules... and My Wife and Kids.

    MORE UPFRONTS...: NBC announced its fall schedule today, and it includes three new dramas, one new comedy, two new reality series and a new Sunday-8 pm time slot for The West Wing. The new shows include the Pentagon-set drama E-Ring, starring Benjamin Bratt, a Lost-type series about mysterious deep-sea creatures titled Fathom, the fertility clinic drama Inconceivable and My Name is Earl, a comedy starring Jason Lee as a young man looking to put his life on track. Elsewhere, The Apprentice: Martha Stewart will air Wednesdays at 8 pm, while the Donald's version will remain on Thursday at 9 pm. Among "bubble" shows, The Office will return, but Revelations, The Contender, Committed, American Dreams (sigh... ), Medical Investigation and Law & Order: Trial by Jury are goners.

    Finally, in a head-scratcher of a move, the already-renewed Scrubs failed to land a spot on the Peacock's sked, although NBC assures us that "it'll return to the schedule at some point next season." Not. Good. Enough, NBC. For a look at NBC's lineup, click here.

    Curious that Alfre Woodard is named in the show below and Despearte Housewives.

    Come inside the world of the doctors of the Family Options Fertility Clinic in this ensemble drama, where one of the most complicated questions is to conceive -- or not to conceive. Assuredly, theirs is a noble quest as they help desperate couples give birth; however the staff are not above their own occasional adventures involving sex, deception and secrets. As viewers navigate through the ultrasound and super-egos, the missing frozen embryos and impending malpractice suits, it's positively clear that life inside this clinic is anything but sterile. Jonathan Cake, Ming-Na, Alfre Woodard, Joelle Carter, Mary Catherine Garrison and David Norona star.
  9. Valerie G.

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    Apr 29, 2004
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    Kind of dissapointing that American Dreams is 'officially' gone, even though I was completely expecting it.

    NBC doesn't really have anything left for me, especially with Fear Factor on 'The Bench'. Hmmmmm....

    Well, now I'm just waiting for the CBS announcements. It seems that is always 'the big one' in my book. It never fails, every year they always ditch a couple of the shows I watch. I hope it doesn't happen that way this year, but I fear for Joan of Arcadia and Judging Amy. Especially Joan, I really want to see that come back.
  10. Jason Seaver

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    Jun 30, 1997
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    I saw another run-down where Woodard was listed as a guest star in the pilot for Inceivable
  11. Patrick Sun

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    Jun 30, 1999
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    I think there is only one show I'll watch "live" in HDTV on NBC, and that's ER (because Without a Trace has disappointed me this season).

    Other NBC I'll tape/record/timeshift:

    Crossing Jordan
    Fathom (I'll check it out, but it better be good from the get-go)
    Las Vegas - not on the high priority list, though
    The Office
    My Name is Earl (theme song suggestion: "Goodbye, Earl")
    Will & Grace

    I think I'm finally done with The Apprentice (unless they cast some gorgeous hotties on it this time around).
  12. DougWright

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    Mar 24, 2000
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    I too am worried about Joan of Arcadia's chances, especially when the actor playing new character they introduced near the end is being advertised in the new Fox show Prison Break with the guy from "John Doe".

    Can't wait to see how the rest of this week pans out.
  13. Casey Trowbridg

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    Apr 22, 2003
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    ON NBC I'll still watch Joey and I'll check out My Name is Earl as I am a Jason Lee fan.
  14. Rob T

    Rob T Screenwriter

    Aug 26, 2001
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    I'm gonna miss watching the West Wing on wednesdays, but at least that'll be a less congested night for me and Sunday will be a full 3 hours.
  15. Chris

    Chris Lead Actor

    Jul 4, 1997
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    Crap, I'll miss "Trial by Jury" which I enjoyed..
  16. Joseph S

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    Dec 23, 1999
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    Disappointed about Scrubs for sure. However, it's very likely to replace the usual dud. I'll give The Office another chance, but it hardly compares to the original. Don't really agree with the Saturday movie idea either, but I wouldn't be watching their Sat programming anyways. They just set The West Wing to take a major fall and may have further screwed Arrested Development's hopes. As others have said, there's just too much on Sun night.
  17. Chris

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    Jul 4, 1997
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  18. Rob P S

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    Mar 22, 2002
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    I've already ditched NBC - there's just nothing there for me anymore.

    Curious to see if CBS renews Still Standing - a really dumb show that makes me laugh.

    Congratulations to all you Arrested Development fans, of which there are plenty around here.
  19. Ray Chuang

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    Jan 26, 2002
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    I think Scrubs will likely come back mid-season, probably in January-February 2006 time frame.
  20. JamieJ

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    Dec 17, 2002
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    No worries, Scrubs is 100% coming back. I saw an interview with some of the NBC big wigs last night and they said the reason Scrubs is being delayed is because 1 or 2 of the stars asked for some extra time off so they could film some movies this summer.

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