2002 Atlantic hurricane season -- awfully quiet so far...

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    I was just flipping through the pages of weather.com, hoping for some dry weather for tomorrow's ScOOterpalOOza event, when it dawned on me:
    Virtually NO Atlantic hurricane activity thus far.
    There has been only one storm this year (Arthur), and he's now extratropical and pretty much history (and I saw nothing mentioned of the storm on weather.com, so I don't think he was any significant threat during his lifetime). The east coast, especially above South Carolina, has been very, very fortunate in the past couple of years -- no hurricanes have made landfall along the east coast for over two years now -- you almost wonder if we're about due for one.
    Hopefully I haven't jinxed it with that comment! [​IMG]
    They're predicting 11 named storms this year (the average is 9) with 6 hurricanes (average 5.9), 2 of which would be major (average 2.3). Named storms would end with Kyle (coincidentally, the name of one of my project teammates at work).
    I've personally experienced two hurricanes directly -- the first one significant and the second one minor -- but it's been well over a decade since either. I also experienced the remnants of Hurricane Floyd as it ripped through New Jersey in '99, and saw its brutal outcome (Ironically, I'm now living less than 5 miles from the worst-hit area of Jersey that year, Bound Brook). I love storms in general, but I respect their power, and will take the sensible precautions should a hurricane be heading this way.
    Here's hoping for continued good fortune for the U.S. with respect to hurricanes in 2002.
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    Well, I just booked flights for a trip to coastal South Carolina in mid-October, so we're sure to have one then. [​IMG]

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