2001 what a year in (gripes) for dvd

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  1. bill lopez

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    Jul 17, 1999
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    We have had the Willy Wonka no widescreen, Basic Instinct & Total Recall crap cases,poor copy of Close Encounters, Superman 2 no Spec Ed., Halloween 2 ripoff.
    And those are just mine!
  2. Allen Wess

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    Aug 27, 2000
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  3. cafink

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    Apr 19, 1999
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    Carl Fink
    2001 has been my favorite year for DVD thus far, by a HUGE margin!
    For starters, what's wrong with Close Encounters? I thought it was a great disc.
    Basic Instinct and Total Recall are great DVDs of great movies. They could come in a ziplock bag for all I care.
    The Superman series was released, and ALL FOUR movies got a great treatment. There's more to a disc than supplements.
    I'm not familiar with Halloween II so I won't comment on that one.
    We have Willy Wonka in widescreen coming up, and it's a feature-laden special edition, with a great commentary and a retrospective documentary.
    Within a month of each other, The Goonies and The Neverending story are released. Goonies is a great disc with awesome supplements, the music videos and commentary in particular).
    The first three Muppet movies were released. Time life issues ten discs of the Muppet Show.
    The Godfather Trilogy is coming soon.
    Forrest Gump.
    Citizen Kane.
    The Phantom Menace.
    And of course, everything mentioned here is in its OAR and 16:9 enhanced where applicable.
    What more could you possibly want?
  4. David Lambert

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    Aug 3, 2001
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    Man, you missed a bunch of GOOD stuff that happened this year:
    Ben Hur, JFK, The Doors, Cleopatra, Lawrence of Arabia, Rocky Box Set, Tootsie, World According to Garp, Cast Away, Die Hard Ultimate Box Set, Wayne's World, Charlotte's Web, Mommie Dearest, Kramer vs. Kramer, Ghandi, the first of the Doctor Who's, the last of the original Star Trek series coming up, The Prisoner complete series, The Simpsons, French Connection, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Snow White, Dumbo, From Here to Eternity, On the Waterfront, Doctor Zhivago, Shrek, Dirty Harry Box Set, The Stunt Man, Willow, Bill & Ted, The Elephant Man, Walt Disney Treasures...and Lord know how many I've forgotten!
    The hardware sales are over 20 million players shipped to stores! There are over 12,000 titles to enjoy (or poke fun at). And, loads and loads of great titles have come down to under $15 everyday price, or are coming out NEW at that price.
    Really, what more can we ask for? Nothing's perfect, but this is as close to heaven as my wallet will allow! [​IMG]
    There's an old saying:
  5. MikeEckman

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    Jan 11, 2001
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    This just proves you cant please anyone.
    Im sure if in 2002 the Indiana Jones and Back to the Future trilogy comes out, and Star Wars Episode 2 by Christmas, with another Disney Platinum series DVD, and Warner decides to stop using Snappers, someone would still find something to complain about.
    So what if the packaging on the new Total Recall sucks...Go to the realitycrash website and download their excellent cover, print it out for yourself and get a free AOL case and put it in there....enough said.

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