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2001: A Space Odyssey and 2010: The Year We Make Contact Conflict (1 Viewer)

Sam R. Aucoin

Stunt Coordinator
Jul 5, 1999
Did anyone ever try to "resolve" the obvious conflict between the two movies where in 2001, as Dave is "de-braining" HAL, Dr. Floyd's pre-recorded message states quite plainly that only he, a few others, HAL, and the three astronauts in hibernation, know about the monolith's message to Jupiter, yet in 2010, Dr. Floyd (while seemingly, sincerely telling the truth) states, "I DIDN'T KNOW!", when responding to being told that HAL had known about the monolith and yet been told to not tell Frank and Dave?
Just curious . . .
Edit: By the way - didn't Dave and Frank ever wonder why in the hell they were going to Jupiter (as opposed to Mars or Venus) if they didn't know that a monolith on the Moon had sent a signal to Jupiter? I think that if I was going on an 18 month mission, I would like to know why. I don't think the movie deals with this (unless I missed something).
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alan halvorson

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Oct 2, 1998
I would love to go on an eighteen month mission to Jupiter - I don't care why we're going. So long as we were expected to come back. Why would anyone need any more reasons than the science of it or the simple fact that it's there and it's possible? Undoubtedly, they were to do all kinds of experiments and make many observations.
What is the conflict? Dr. Floyd didn't know that HAL was instructed not to tell Frank and Dave. Maybe I'm missing something ... fell asleep on the couch again and now I'm trying to think .....
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