20 inches too small?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Anthony_J, Apr 12, 2004.

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    I'm looking to replace my old Sony 32FS13 bedroom TV, as the 32" direct view is a monster that is just too big to keep (physical case size, not viewable screen size) given the space limitations of my new apartment.

    I fear that I've been suckered by the coolness of flat panel (albeit LCD as opposed to plasma), but don't want to spend too much on a bedroom set. It seems to make sense as I'll be keeping the TV on top of a dresser that's about 2 feet deep by 4 feet wide.

    I've been looking around and decided I wouldn't mind spending about $1000. This should get me a 20" 4:3 LCD screen. My other option is to go for a smaller direct view. I figure that would save me about $500, but wouldn't up the "cool quotient". 27" is probably the largest I'd go in direct view.

    I've never had a TV smaller than 27" and never really paid attention to the smaller screens in the stores. Is 20" too small for practical use?

    FYI - I don't need HD capability in my bedroom as I have a CRT RPTV for the living room. The bedroom TV is strictly for news, before bed TV watching, and the occasional DVD.

    I'd appreciate any thoughts.

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    It's hard to say which would be the best? right? way to go. Because going from a 32" down to a smaller size (Remember a 27" set is 40% smaller than a 32" set) it's going to look really small. Myself & if you were happy with the Sony I'd look at one of their 24" models or find a store with a good return policy & try out a 20" LCD & if your not happy with it return it. Also that "Really Cool" factor is going to wear off quickly after you have the set for awhile. But no one can really tell you what you'd be happy with except yourself [​IMG]
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    The one thing you don't say (and maybe the most important) is how far away from the TV will you be viewing?
    My girlfriend and I have a 32" JVC flat-screen CRT at the foot of the bed (like the Osbourne's, my girl says[​IMG]) and I think it's a good size. Not too big, not too small and this is from around 6'. But that's us...
    FWIW, I'm typing this about 3' away from a 17" LCD monitor. I couldn't be comfortable with a 20" at more than like 4.5'. So, for ME, I'd have to have that 20" REAL close.
    You sound like your getting seduced by the thought of having a sexy flat-panel display in your bedroom.[​IMG] But. I think you might be looking too small, unless you have that set right next to your bed.
    For the $1000 you're looking to spend, I'd get a nice 27" CRT capable of 480p, for that "occasional DVD", and be done with it.

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