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2 ways to make the X-Files box sets better!

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Ian_H, Oct 15, 2001.

  1. Ian_H

    Ian_H Supporting Actor

    Aug 6, 2001
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    2. GAG REELS
    The first one is the most important. They don't have to be fully detailed just a simple plot summary to remind me what the episode is about. I bought the first 3 box sets at the same time and in a two week period I watched Season 1 & 2 and a few episodes into Season 3. After I gave my brain time to recover from Sci-fi/conspiracy overload I went to go back to Season 3 only to discover that I couldn't remember the last episode I watched by reading the titles. FOX, you did it with the Simpson's box set why not X-Files?
    As far as my second point, why not put the infamous blooper reels on the sets? People are always paying good money for crappy boots of the reels. DVD is the perfect medium for these!
  2. Clinton McClure

    Clinton McClure Casual Enthusiast

    Jun 28, 1999
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    Central Arkansas
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  3. Rob Gillespie

    Rob Gillespie Producer

    Aug 17, 1998
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    I think the issue over gag reels was raised before. Don't know if it was here or when we were in LA 2000, but I think the answer was that the gag reels weren't really intended to be seen by the public and might hurt the serious reputation of the show. Something like that.
    Yes, lower the price. I mean $100 for over eighteen hours of material is terrible value! [​IMG]
  4. Jeff Kleist

    Jeff Kleist Executive Producer

    Dec 4, 1999
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    Hey if Fox is willing, lower prices are always good [​IMG]
    The real reason why gag reels are frequently not included (X-Files) or pulled (V)is because someone's agent thinks that the gag reel makes their star client look stupid, and therefore should not be shown outside the wrap party
    I'm glad Lord Joss Whedon has relented on the gag reels (he had threats of death out to any distributors of them, so they've never made it to the boot circles) for Buffy Season 3, my favorite season.
    I love gag reels, and they should calm down, everyone knows that it's all in good fun. And with TNG, X-Files etc, the gag reels are already in such high distribution that they should just include them
    Jeff Kleist
  5. David Susilo

    David Susilo Screenwriter

    May 8, 1999
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    how about Gillian Anderson in skin tight suit or (even better) dancing naked?
    But seriously, the price, although a great value nevertheless, is quite steep considering you have to buy an entire season even if you only want one episode.
    oh well...
  6. Troy LaMont

    Troy LaMont Supporting Actor

    Mar 11, 1999
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    Ditto what David said! [​IMG]
    For getting an entire season, I don't think that the box sets are priced bad at all. Granted the MSRP is $149.99, I've never paid over $80 for a season.
    [Edited last by Troy LaMont on October 15, 2001 at 11:12 AM]
  7. Dave F

    Dave F Cinematographer

    May 15, 1999
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    Plot summaries would be great. This would be better served in the studio feedback section though (and I'm guessing, more likely to be noticed).
    DVD List
    "The page you are looking for is here no more. Quoth the Raven, 'Nevermore.'"
  8. Kami

    Kami Screenwriter

    Jan 2, 2001
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    Great suggestions. For the record, I think the X-File's sets are priced very fairly. Awesome value. I only paid $109 Canadian for each set! 25 episodes + extras? friggin bargain!
    anxiously awaiting season 4.....I plan on at least buying season 4 and season 5 which leads up to the movie. Not sure about the rest yet...
    (a.k.a. kami)
    My budding DVD collection
  9. James D S

    James D S Screenwriter

    Nov 14, 2000
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    Add my vote for plot summaries. It gets difficult keeping all that info in my noggin'.
  10. Melanie Walker

    Oct 9, 2000
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    Yes to plot summaries for the series. It's kind of hard to figure out what some of the older shows are about strictly from the epi names.
    I'd also love to see blooper/gag reels. Nobody's perfect and most of them are all good fun.
    And yes lowering the price would be a bonus but I can't really complain... I was able to preorder Season 4 for $81.99 so I'm pretty happy. I've yet to pay over $100 bucks for any season thus far.
    Melanie [​IMG]
  11. CRyan

    CRyan Screenwriter

    Feb 9, 1999
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    Let us not all forget that we have pleaded with many studios to provide season sets and not best-of's.
    It would be in very poor taste to then ask for a lower price. You have to consider what you are paying for one season of Star Trek. Or even what you are having to pay for the Friends "collection." We are getting a great deal IMO.
    C. Ryan
  12. David Lambert

    David Lambert Executive Producer

    Aug 3, 2001
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    I kept a running quick-plot-summary in a text file, from the time I got hooked on the show (thanks to my fiance-now-wife) at the end of Season 2, up until Season 6 when I started to just use the Internet site.
    Here ya' go!

    X-Files Episode List
    Pilot 000 09/10/93 Small-town teens abducted by UFO's
    Season One
    Deep Throat 101 09/17/93 Mulder finds government-flown UFOs
    Squeeze 102 09/24/93 Liver-eater squeezes pretty small
    Conduit 103 10/01/93 Boy gets signals @ missing sister
    The Jersey Devil 104 10/08/93 Savage "missing links" terrorize NJ
    Shadows 105 10/22/93 A ghost protects a woman from harm
    Ghost In The Machine 106 10/29/93 A scared computer kills its enemies
    Ice 107 11/05/93 Worms from the past make folks kill
    Space 108 11/12/93 Sabotage on a Space Shuttle mission
    Fallen Angel 109 11/19/93 A U.F.O. crashes...with a survivor?
    Eve 110 12/10/93 Evil lookalike girls may be clones
    Fire 111 12/17/93 Guy can set stuff on fire...with thought
    Beyond The Sea 112 01/09/94 Scully's Dad dies...then haunts her
    Genderbender 113 01/21/94 Hunting a gender-switching murderer
    Lazarus 114 02/04/94 Agent is shot & revived-turned evil
    Young At Heart 115 02/11/94 A dead murderer hunts Fox & friends
    E.B.E. 116 02/18/94 Seeking a truck carrying an ET body
    Miracle Man 117 03/18/94 A faith-healer is accused of murder
    Shapes 118 04/01/94 Lycanthropy among Native Americans
    Darkness Falls 119 04/15/94 Little green flies from the forest
    Tooms 120 04/22/94 The liver-eater returns once more
    Born Again 121 04/29/94 Murdered cop is reborn as a girl
    Roland 122 05/07/94 Simpleton channels his "dead" twin
    The Erlenmeyer Flask 123 05/13/94 Alien embryo & Deep Throat's death
    Season Two
    Little Green Men 201 09/16/94 Fox goes ET hunting in Puerto Rico
    The Host 202 09/23/94 A fluke-man lives in the NJ sewers
    Blood 203 09/30/94 Seeing morbid messages on LCD displays
    Sleepless 204 10/07/94 Fox & Krycek seek insomniac vets
    Duane Barry 205 10/14/94 Pt1) A "UFO victim" endangers Fox
    Ascension 206 10/21/94 Pt2) Dana's abducted and disappears
    3 207 11/04/94 Fox finds vampires roaming at night
    One Breath 208 11/11/94 Dana reappears comatose, near death
    Firewalker 209 11/18/94 Signs of new life inside a volcano
    Red Museum 210 12/09/94 Cattle & kids injected w/ alien DNA
    Excelcius Dei 211 12/16/94 Pills give strange power to old men
    Aubrey 212 01/06/95 ESP used to find murder in the past
    Irresistable 213 01/13/95 Man obsessed w/dead women gets Dana
    Die Hand Die Verletzt 214 01/27/95 Satanic goings-on at a smalltown HS
    Fresh Bones 215 02/03/95 Voodoo revenge on military people
    Colony 216 02/10/95 Pt1) An alien hit-man kills clones
    End Game 217 02/17/95 Pt2) Fox chases him north to a sub
    Fearful Symmetry 218 02/24/95 ETs abduct & impregnate zoo animals
    Dod Kalm 219 03/10/95 Fast aging @ a ghost ship in Norway
    Humbug 220 03/31/95 Murders amongst the circus freaks
    The Calusari 221 04/14/95 A boy's dead twin starts killing
    F.Emasculata 222 04/28/95 Escaped cons spread a deadly virus
    Soft Light 223 05/05/95 A man's shadow can melt men's flesh
    Our Town 224 05/12/95 Town of cannibals feed off visitors
    Anasazi 225 05/19/95 Pt1) A buried boxcar of dead aliens
    Season Three
    The Blessing Way 301 09/22/95 Pt2) Can an Indian ritual save Fox?
    Paper Clip 302 09/29/95 Pt3) Vast, secret files on EVERYONE
    D.P.O. 303 10/06/95 Killer teen is a human lightningrod
    Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose 304 10/13/95 Amatuer psychic sees others' deaths
    The List 305 10/20/95 Executed con "returns" for revenge
    2Shy 306 11/03/95 A "fat" vampire baits women on-line
    The Walk 307 11/10/95 A phantom soldier attacks officers
    Oubliette 308 11/17/95 A waitress helps find a kidnapper
    Nisei 309 11/24/95 Pt1) Alien autopsy tape leads to...
    731 310 12/01/95 Pt2) ...train with possible live ET
    Revelations 311 12/15/95 Boy shows signs of true stigmata
    War Of The Coprophages 312 01/05/96 Small town invaded by cockroaches
    Syzygy 313 01/26/96 Two HS Blondes kill supernaturally
    Grotesque 314 02/02/96 Gargoyles seem to kill after dark
    Piper Maru 315 02/09/96 Pt1) Oil-slick ET escapes the sea
    Apocrypha 316 02/16/96 Pt2) ET leads agents to hidden UFO
    Pusher 317 02/23/96 Killer can implant ideas into minds
    Teso Dos Bichos 318 03/08/96 Plague of cats & rats in a museum
    Hell Money 319 03/29/96 Chinese game of black-market organs
    J. Chung's "From Outer Space" 320 04/12/96 Author interviews Dana about a case
    Avatar 321 04/26/96 Skinner suspected in hooker's death
    Quagmire 322 05/03/96 Agents search for Nessie in the USA
    Wetwired 323 05/10/96 Subliminal TV signals makes killers
    Talitha Cumi 324 05/17/96 Pt1) The alien hit-man has returned
    Season Four
    Herrenvolk 401 10/04/96 Pt2) Fox finds young clones of Sam
    Home 403 10/11/96 Inbred redneck killers protect mom
    Teliko 404 10/18/96 Black men turning white when killed
    Unruhe 402 10/27/96 Psychic photos of a killer's mind
    The Field Where I Died 405 11/03/96 Fox may be a reincarnated soldier
    Sanguinarium 406 11/10/96 Plastic surgeon uses satanic ritual
    Musings Of A Cig. Smoking Man 407 11/17/96 Frohike reveals CSM's possible past
    Tunguska 409 11/24/96 Pt1) Fox goes to Russia to find...
    Terma 410 12/01/96 Pt2) ...oil-slick ET's in meteors
    Paper Hearts 408 12/15/96 A serial killer may have info @ Sam
    El Mundo Gira 411 01/02/97 Migrant worker tales @ Goat Killer
    Leonard Betts 414 01/26/97 Medic can regrow lost limbs & head
    Never Again 413 02/02/97 Dana dates a man w/ a killer tattoo
    Memento Mori 415 02/09/97 Dana's cancer: from ET's...or CSM?
    Kaddish 412 02/16/97 A dead Jewish man kills his killers
    Unrequited 416 02/23/97 Disappearing Nam vet kills generals
    Tempus Fugit 417 03/16/97 Pt1) A plane crash is covered up...
    Max 418 03/23/97 Pt2) ...as the military hides a UFO
    Synchrony 419 04/13/97 Time traveler comes to kill himself
    Small Potatoes 420 04/20/97 Shape-shifter dad of babies w/tails
    Zero Sum 421 04/27/97 Skinner works with the Smoking Man!
    Elegy 422 05/04/97 Ghosts of just-killed people appear
    Demons 423 05/11/97 Drugs induce Fox's family memories
    Gethsemane 424 05/18/97 Pt1) Fox has a dead EBE or a lie...
    Season Five
    Redux 502 11/02/97 Pt2) Fox infiltrates & Dana covers
    Redux II 503 11/09/97 Pt3) Dana lives, CSM "dies", +Sam!
    The Unusual Suspects 501 11/16/97 The origins of "The Lone Gunmen"
    Detour 504 11/23/97 Stalked by unseeable forest-people
    Post-Modern Prometheus 506 11/30/97 A small town Frankenstein's monster
    Christmas Carol 505 12/07/97 Pt1) Dana's holiday turns serious &
    Emily 507 12/14/97 Pt2) she discovers her...daughter?
    Kitsunegari 508 01/04/98 Pusher returns...with his twin sis!
    Schizogeny 509 01/11/98 Trees come alive for killer shrink
    Chinga 510 02/08/98 A magical doll has powers to kill
    Kill Switch 511 02/15/98 A scared computer kills its enemies
    Bad Blood 512 02/22/98 Conflicting accounts of...vampires?
    Patient "X" 513 03/01/98 Pt1) Meet Agent Spender; his mom...
    The Red And The Black 514 03/08/98 Pt2) ...is abducted by aliens again
    Travelers 515 03/29/98 Origins of the FBI's X-files dept.
    Mind's Eye 516 04/19/98 Blind woman sees a murderer's moves
    All Souls 517 04/26/98 4 girls die as a prophecy is filled
    The Pine Bluff Variant 518 05/03/98 A bio-weapon is sprayed onto money
    Folie A Deux 519 05/10/98 Only "madmen" can see this monster
    The End 520 05/17/98 CSM returns to destroy the X-Files!
    X-Files: Fight The Future M01 06/19/98 The "oil slick/bee" plot...revealed
    Season Six
    The Beginning 601 11/08/98 X-Files revived w/out Mulder/Scully
    Drive 602 11/15/98 Drive west fast or your head blows!
    Triangle 603 11/22/98 A time-romp in the Bermuda Triangle
    Dreamland I 604 11/29/98 Pt1) Mulder switches bodies with...
    Dreamland II 605 12/06/98 Pt2) ...a Man-In-Black from Area 51
    How The Ghosts Stole Christmas608 12/13/98 On Christmas Eve in a haunted house
    Terms Of Endearment 606 01/03/99 Demon tries to father a normal baby
    The Rain King 607 01/10/99 A man who can control the weather?
    S.R. 819 610 01/17/99 Skinner is hospitalized by nanites!
    Tithonus 609 01/24/99 Unkillable man seeks Death's gaze
    Full Disclosure: Two Fathers 611 02/07/99 Pt1) The conspiracy revealed to Fox
    Full Disclosure: One Son 612 02/14/99 Pt2) Rebel aliens defeat the Elders
    Agua Mala 614 02/21/99 Seamonster attacks during hurricane
    Monday 615 02/28/99 Fox must end a time-looping tragedy
    Arcadia 613 03/07/99 Walking trash kills tacky neighbors
    Alpha 616 03/28/99 Invisible doggie hunts & kills men
    Trevor 617 04/11/99 Escaped con can walk through walls
    Milagro 618 04/18/99 Killer rips hearts from his victims
    The Unnatural 619 04/25/99 Alien Bounty Hunter in '47 Roswell!
    Three Of A Kind 620 05/02/99 Lone Gunmen have a Vegas adventure
    Field Trip 621 05/09/99 A giant mushroom munches the agents
    Biogenesis 622 05/16/99 Pt1) Bible quotes on "UFO debris"?

    I hope this helps y'all some,
  13. Ian_H

    Ian_H Supporting Actor

    Aug 6, 2001
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    quote: the answer was that the gag reels weren't really intended to be seen by the public and might hurt the serious reputation of the show. [/quote]
    If they had kept the show serious I would understand that reasoning but after the episode Hollywood A.D. with Skinner in a bubble bath all bets are off.
    [Edited last by Ian_H on October 15, 2001 at 11:32 PM]

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