(2) VTF-3's or Dual CS-Ultra Package

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  1. Mike Sloan

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    May 18, 2002
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    I am one click away from the sub order[​IMG] Irregardless of the price differential, could y'all comment on the sonic differences between running (2)VTF-3's versus the Dual CS-Ultra Package. The Home theater is located in a "great room" which is open to the rest of the house and therefore has massive cubic volume. I am interested in a subwoofer package that can deliver the goods! I am leaning toward the SVS subs...but I keep hearing great reviews on the HSU subs!
    The rest of the equipment is:
    *Denon 5803
    *Cambridge Soundworks Newton T500 towers(containing internal 300W subs)
    *MC500 center
    *(4)S300 tripoles for the rear "stuff"
    I know some of you hate anything CSW produces and I tried very hard to not like them myself...but can you believe I picked them over both the Polk Audio LSi25's and the DefTech Bp2000's....I know weird!!!! Now if I can only hide the CSW logo I'll be set!
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    Jan 21, 2002
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    Go with a pair Ultras w/ a K1 or K2 amp

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