2 recievers for 2 sources

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    Oct 4, 2002
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    I'm planning on doing 2 receivers for two sources, one HT and one Music for outside. For the HT I will get:

    Receiver-Yamaha RX-V1300
    Mains-JBL N28's
    Surrounds-3 JBL N24's
    Center-JBL N-center
    Sub-SVS 20-39PCi

    I also want to have a pair of speakers outside for music only, so I'm planning on doing a pair of N26 AW with a cheap Sony 100w x2 receiver and hooking up a CD player to the Sony. I wan't the easiest most functional setup, so I'm planning to put each setup on a receiver. Would this idea work good? Would I be able to hook up the tv to both receivers and the satellite tuner thing to both? I want to do this so I can listen to my music channels outside also. So when I'm playing music outside on the TV, I can just turn down the volume on the HT setup, and when I'm watching movies I'll just turn off the music setup. Would all this stuff work? Thanks
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    J&R currently has the factory-refurbished Onkyo TX-8211 (50 watts/channel) for only $99.95. For an inexpensive receiver, this one is an excellent piece. Of course, it can not compete with more costly pieces like NAD's or Cambridge Audio's. Comes with 1 year Onkyo warranty as well.

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