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    Hello to all.

    I recently picked up a Panasonic HTIB SC-HT70 for $99. This was a great purchase because I didn't have a DVD player, 5.1 receiver nor a tuner and I got it all now for cheap cheap (they don't pay us much in the Air Force lol)! My "old" receiver is a 10 year old Kenwood (Pro Logic only)integrated amp. Since the Panasonic is a bit under powered for the fronts and center, I got the L & R line output of it going into the Kenwood and then play the Kenwood in Pro Logic mode while watching movies. I have the rears (and subwoofer) though hooked up to the Panasonic for the rear effect (wow what a difference between pro logic and 5.1!). Anyway since I have the rears now hooked up to the Panasonic I was thinking wouldn't it be nice to be able to also hook up the rears to the B channel of the Kenwood so when I'm just listening to a CD I can have all 4 speakers going without any crazy effects without having to swap over the speaker cables. I was thinking of just running 2 jumper wires from the B channel of the Kenwood to the rear outputs on the Panasonic. I would just turn off channel B of the Kenwood while watching movies. Which brings me to the all important question - will I damage the receivers by doing this? By having the speaker current go "backwards" into the "normally out" speaker connections of each receiver? Or must I get a speaker selector switch?

    (I did a search on this topic but came up empty - pls send me to a link if this was asked/answered before...)

    Any help is appreciated!

    Ramstein Air Base, Germany
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    Cees Alons

    Welcome to the forum.

    What you are suggesting would be disastrous, if I understand you properly. You would soon kill something - the endstage of those channels of one or both of your receivers and the sound wouldn't be that good either.

    Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with those receivers, so I cannot give you ad-hoc suggestions, but can't you use an input channel on either of the receivers to put through the equivalent (rear in this case) channel from the other one? Point is, you can hook up the outputs of a power amplifier to a regular input of another one, if you don't have a line-out.

    Maybe someone who's owns one of those two receivers can help you further.

    But please, do not shunt the power outputs of two different amplifiers!


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