2 questions, wega pink lines, 16x9 black bars

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    As a new wega kv27fv300 owner, I've been pleasantly surprised by the tv. Thanks to mentions of pink lines on this forum and circuit city reviews, I finally remembered to look for them. And great, I found them. On the left side of tv, mostly - and only visible on white background (as was suggested)as in..hockey games.

    It's the only complaint I have of an otherwise marvelous tv. The question, is there anyway I can subdue or get rid of these without calling a sony tech. I hear nothing but bad news regarding sony techs and their desire to or ability to perform proper tech repair.

    Even with the pink bars, I am thrilled with my tv. It doesn not warrant taking it back and trying for potluck with another tv of same. Besides, it was a display model and heavily discounted. So...anything I can do to help myself, besides put the tv on movie mode during a hockey game (which I really don't watch anyway)?

    Second question, I read, in passing, on another thread about the wega 16x9 enhanced mode (which I'm quite familiar with). But the post mentioned something about the two shades of black bars. My 'outer' bars are black, and the 'inner' bars (during enhanced mode)are lighter..more to the grey side. The poster mentioned adjusting the black coloring, and the white coloring or something to that affect. Is this something done in the service mode...or something I can adjust otherwise. Again, this is not critical, but it would be nice to have one solid color in this mode. Besides, I believe the post mentioned that when the bars are not as one, it means I'm not properly calibrated, etc. Thanks in advance for the help.
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    You're overdriving the set. Reduce the contrast ("picture") and brightness levels so that the "bars" within the 16:9 window merge seamlessly with the brightness level of the unused portion of the screen—that is, until they are black.

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