2 JBL PB10's, or 1 SVS 25-31?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Mark Hudzinski, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. Mark Hudzinski

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    Jul 22, 2003
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    I can get two JBL PB10 subs for the same price as a single SVS 25-31.

    I'm intrigued by the idea of running dual subs in stereo, but wondering if the pure quality difference of stepping up to the SVS would outweight that benefit.

    Any opinions?
  2. Stephen Hopkins

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    Jul 19, 2002
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    If you look around online and on ebay you could probably get 3 PB10s for the price of a PCi 25-31. That said, i believe a single 25-31 would be a much better idea.

    When using dual subs, you can go slightly deeper than a single and slightly louder, but you also introduce ALOT of placement issues, combing effects, and destructive/constructive interference causing dips and peaks in your frequency response.

    I'm pretty sure that even with perfect placement and no combing/interference problems, a single 25-31 PCi would still sound better and go lower than the Dual PB10s.

    Also, the benefits of dual subs in stereo is very minimal because the frequencies a sub produces are for the most part audible but not positionable by the human ear. Same thing holds true in car audio where people running 2 or more subs are running them all from both channels downmixed with the actual drivers in series, parallel, or a combination of both.

    Hope this helps [​IMG]
  3. John Garcia

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    Jun 24, 1999
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    There is no question in my mind that one 25-31 will outperform two PB-10s. I have heard the PB-12, and it doesn't even come close.
  4. Frank Carter

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    Mar 12, 2002
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    If two of the same subs(w/equal power to both) are colocated, you get a 6dB gain in output, but you don't go any deeper.

    A single 25-31CS will readily whoop a** on two JBL PB-10's. Stephen's comment on stereo subs is on point if the subwoofers aren't crossed too high.

    We can compare the Nousaine numbers for the original SVS 20-39CS w/300W Fidek amp and the PB-10 if you want to something other than just opinions. These are the 10% distortion limits of the averaged output from 25-63hz.

    SVS 20-39CS(not ISD) - 109.5 / 20hz~91db__25hz~105.8
    JBL PB-10 – 99dB / 25hz~82dB

    Simply add 6dB for dual PB-10's. If you consider that the 25-31CS will have more overall output in the 25-63hz range that's tested, the current driver in the CS is capable of 1-1.5dB more clean output, SVS now uses stronger endcaps and stronger tubes, it only makes it an easier choice.

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