2 Inches Does Matter (Speaker related REALLY)

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by JamieS, Jul 29, 2003.

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    Yes strange title but....

    I have been meesing with my new setup for almost a month now. My Room is 15 X 17 but the front wall oppens up onto the landing on the stairs so the front wall is rally about 20 feet compared to 15 in the back. there is a small 3 foot wall with winow opening in line with the starirs which gives a bit of a strange shape. I had my monitor 7s centered on the 15 foot part of the front wall. The left speker is 41 CM (about 1.5 feet) from the back wall and about a foot from the side wall. The right speaker is 41 cm from the back wall but there is about 5 feet of space on the side due to the shape of the room. The sub is on the inside of the right speaker.

    I had been having trouble getting the sound stage right. It always seemed biased towards the right side. I tried toeing in, out, moving the left speaker a little closer even adjusting the balance towards the left side. Alaways the vocals sounded like they were behind the right corner of my RPTV. I could hear the left speaker fine but it just seemed that whoever was sining was standing on the right side of the room.

    By sheer luck last night I picked the right speaker up (it is spiked so I can't slide it). to try toing it in differently. I moved it 2 inches closer to the sub (into the room spo to speak) I had to set it down to readjust my grip before I toed it in and WOW. I could tell something was differnt. I sat on the couch my wifes Bee Gees greatest hits (I KNOW I KNOW BEE GEES I was raised in the 70s) was playing and all of a sudden I had to check to see if I had it in Dolby Pro Logic II! I thought the Gibb brothers were coming out of the center speaker! . I though wow that can't be it but no mater where I sat on the couch the vocals were right on top pof the TV. No more righjt bias.

    Sorry if this was long but I did not belive until now that 2 inches in speaker palacement could make a differnece but it did. If you have a good buddy who wouldn't mide shifting your speakers for you while you sit and listen you might be amazed at the results. I was.
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    Less than ONE inch can make a difference...[​IMG] Congrats! It takes a long time to get them just right. Now the thing is, to somehow make sure you don't move them again!! I had my sweet spot all set up just like you mention (it sounds like the center is playing), then I got a new sub and had to move the right speaker out while bringing the sub in, and I LOST the imaging when I put that speaker back!! It took me a day or two, and a lot of tweaking, to get it back into the right spot again.
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    Some speakers are more finicky than others. It took me a long, long time to get my Martin-Logan's positioned properly, but when I did the soundstage was amazing. I marked the spot on the floor with little masking tape hash marks.

    A week later I noticed the cleaning lady had moved the speakers so that she could clean the tape up off the floor.


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