1. I found a new display at my Wal-Mart today, chances are there's one at your location too.

    About 15 unique pairs of Warner catalog titles have been bundled at 2/$12.88 total.

    At about $6 per movie, this is less that a typical used copy would cost you.

    Since Warner stuff is almost always 16x9 enhanced, this is a decent deal for new product.

    I took the opportunity to get some marginal titles that I'd been looking for at a low price point:

    - Assassins / Demolition Man

    - Murder at 1600 / Passenger 57

    - A Time to Kill / The Client

    - Conspiracy Theory / Pelican Brief

    - Angel Eyes / Frequency

    - Outbreak /

    - Tin Cup /

    These sets are to the best of my memory, in some cases I had pass due already owning one of the titles.
  2. Was somewhat disappointed to read that the Demolition Man video quality is apparently weak.

    I seem to recall the LD being fairly good, but I guess that's no guarantee

    Looking forward to this one for some reason, want to hear the line about Arnold being President...

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