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  1. JoelM

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    Dec 16, 2001
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    At this time I have a Onkyo 575 and (please don't shoot me bose acus 10) I have come to beleive that there are far better speakers out there so I'm going for the Energy line because I've heard great things about them and the cost is low. Here is the problem I really do not know which to get here are my options

    Buy the Energy Encore system as a hole(I would like a Rava though)

    Buy the C2 for the center, and 4 16's and a Rava Sub

    or should I get the c2, 2 16's for rear and 2 25's for the fronts along with a Rava.

    I heard that they are lacking in the midbass area so would the 25's do the trick...please help I want these bose to disappear.
  2. Bob-N

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    Jul 26, 2001
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    Yes, you are correct (I'll say no more....).

    As with the customary advice, let you ears do the listening. The Energy line of speakers are common and I'm sure you could find a local Good Guys or Circuit City which carry both Energy and Onkyo to listen to in combination. Or better yet, find a mom/pop shop that will let you demo some speakers in your home. Also check out some other brands as you come across them. You'll bound to find something that will sound good with your 575.

    However, generally speaking, I'm sure the system with the Rava will be better low based on the kudos for the Rava on HTT forum. I've listened to a few of the Energy speakers (Veritas?) and didn't care for them as they seemed to be a bit muddy sounding with the equipment they were hooked up to (Sony 555es).

    I was going to go with the Rava (the aforementioned 555es and B&W 602 S2's) but increased my budget to a used SVS sub and separates.

    Have fun auditioning.
  3. BryanZ

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    Dec 18, 2000
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    It really depends upon your budget. Assuming $1,250 for sub and speakers, you could look at the HTD Level III system, nOrh ceramic 4.0 package or wood 4.0 or wood 5.1 mains with ceramic 4.0 center and rears and a Rava, or AV Reality Special Monitor package and the Rava.

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