1997 - first batch of dvds?

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  1. Patrick Mirza

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    Mar 12, 1999
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    What were the titles in the very first batch of DVDs released back in 97's rollout?
    4 years later (and thousands of discs later), I have completely forgotten! Ah, those innocent days of 1997!
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  2. Brad_W

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    Sep 18, 2001
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  3. Roland Wandinger

    Roland Wandinger Stunt Coordinator

    Feb 13, 2000
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    Some were:
    Batman Returns
    Robin Hood
    In The Line Of Fire
    The Fugitive
    I bought my first DVD player in October 1997 along with Mars Attacks, First Knight and Beetlejuice.
    Most of the early Warner DVDs are unwatchable today. Columbia titles on the other hand have held up much better.
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  4. Ryan Spaight

    Ryan Spaight Supporting Actor

    Jun 30, 1997
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    Contact came out in December 1997, I think -- the first RSDL from Warner.
    The early Columbia titles included Jumanji, Fly Away Home (P&S), and Jerry Maguire, I think.
    The early Warner titles were pretty much as above, plus I think Blade Runner was one of the first, along with Interview with the Vampire and the P&S Purple Rain. I think New Line had the first Seven.
    MGM had Raging Bull, Goldeneye, and some others.
    My poor memory is fuzzy, too.
  5. David Lambert

    David Lambert Executive Producer

    Aug 3, 2001
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  6. Neil Joseph

    Neil Joseph Lead Actor

    Jan 16, 1998
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    Neil Joseph
    - The Arrival
    - Stargate (flipper)
    - Total Recall
    - The Substitute
    - In The Line Of Fire
    - Fly Away Home
    I can speak from experience because I remember how extremely slim the pickings were in those days. They were tough times.
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  7. Brian Lawrence

    Brian Lawrence Producer

    Feb 28, 1998
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    Wizard of Oz
    Singing in the Rain
    The Mask
    Mortal Kombat
    The Birdcage
    Get Shorty
    Raging Bull
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  8. Trace Downing

    Trace Downing Supporting Actor

    Aug 19, 1999
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    Tampa Bay
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    Trace Downing
    I believe from C/T it was...
    In the Line of Fire
    Fly Away Home
    Some Sesame Street thing.
    Living in Kansas City...that was it. Lumivision, and Scimitar had a few others, but that was it.
    In June, Live (Artisan) had a few like Total Recall, Cuthroat Island, Basic Instinct, etc. Polygram started theirs with Fargo & The Usual Suspects.
    Warner, New Line, MGM didn't come around 'till late Aug. I think they had only 7 test markets.
    Contact was released the first week of December, because I remember asking the Best Buy guy to go in the back and check for a copy. He had it.
    Disney & Universal came out in Nov 97 with about 5 apiece.
  9. Craig Robertson

    Craig Robertson Supporting Actor

    May 12, 1999
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    that was back when new releases we so infrequent i could afford to buy them. [​IMG]
  10. JonZ

    JonZ Lead Actor

    Dec 28, 1998
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    Road Warrior
    Blade Runner
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  11. Neil Joseph

    Neil Joseph Lead Actor

    Jan 16, 1998
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    Neil Joseph
    The new releases were so infrequent that I remember coming close to buying some of the worst crap, just so I could have a new release, stuff I wouldn't even touch today. People have it so good now its incredible. They don't know what the early adopters had to go through and endure, and the changes that we had to force the studios to make.
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  12. Steve Owen

    Steve Owen Second Unit

    Jan 7, 1999
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  13. Brian Lawrence

    Brian Lawrence Producer

    Feb 28, 1998
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    Among the first 4 Columbia titles was also LEGENDS OF THE FALL
  14. Carlo Medina

    Carlo Medina Executive Producer

    Oct 31, 1997
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    I gotta find my old BB receipt. I know I had 5 titles along with my Toshiba 2006 player that I bought back in May 1997. I think they were Batman, Batman Returns, Blade Runner or Blazing Saddles, maybe Desperado? and In the Line of Fire.
    anyway, something like that. Now that I think of it, I might have turned in my original receipt for that buy 4 get 1 free WB deal. Oh well...
  15. Peter Manojlovich

    Peter Manojlovich Second Unit

    Jun 30, 1997
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    The first four titles from Columbia Tri-starf were Fly away Home(full frame only, ouch!), In the Line of Fire, Legends of the Falls, and Jumanji.
    Warner had the largest array of offerings. The first title I picked up was Blade Runner from them.
  16. JeremySt

    JeremySt Screenwriter

    Aug 19, 2001
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    1. DAS BOOT
    3. SEVEN (flipper)
  17. Richard Travale

    Richard Travale Producer

    Feb 27, 2001
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    The Island, Canada
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    Rich Travale
    Wasn't The Long Kiss Goodnight one of the first DVDs as well?
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  18. Mike Voigt

    Mike Voigt Supporting Actor

    Sep 30, 1997
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    You had the 7-city test - which didn't end until (IIRC) September 1997. Of course, lots of places were buying them in those 7 cities and then reselling them in other places... that's how I got mine, as I lived in Houston at the time and Dallas was one of the 7 cities.
    My DVD player came with 4 DVDs - Fly Away Home was one of them, In the Line of Fire was another.
    Things like Mortal Combat etc. didn't come out until later that year.
    It was slim pickings for quite a while. The place I got DVDs from had all - ALL, including multiple copies - of them in a 12"x24" box.
    It was huge when Best Buy started carrying them...
  19. David Lambert

    David Lambert Executive Producer

    Aug 3, 2001
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    From Image Entertainment's ADVANCED SEARCH function at their site, here are the first batch, in order of release date, through the end of Nov. '97. The date is the DVD release date. Discontinued titles are NOT included:
    • Product Name Release Date
      Batman (1989) 03/25/1997
      Birdcage 03/25/1997
      Blade Runner (Director's Cut) 03/25/1997
      Bodyguard 03/25/1997
      Bridges Of Madison County 03/25/1997
      Color Purple 03/25/1997
      Eraser 03/25/1997
      Fugitive (Movie-Only Edition) 03/25/1997
      Get Shorty 03/25/1997
      Glimmer Man 03/25/1997
      Goodfellas 03/25/1997
      Mask (Special Edition/ 1994) 03/25/1997
      Midnight Cowboy 03/25/1997
      Mortal Kombat: The Movie 03/25/1997
      Raging Bull 03/25/1997
      Road Warrior 03/25/1997
      Seven (Movie-Only Edition) 03/25/1997
      Species 03/25/1997
      Streetcar Named Desire: Director's Cut 03/25/1997
      Time To Kill (1996) 03/25/1997
      Unforgiven 03/25/1997
      Woodstock: Director's Cut 03/25/1997
      Sleepers 04/01/1997
      Michael Collins 04/08/1997
      Batman Returns 04/29/1997
      Disclosure 04/29/1997
      Driving Miss Daisy 04/29/1997
      Long Kiss Goodnight 04/29/1997
      Rain Man 04/29/1997
      Tin Cup 04/29/1997
      10 (a.k.a. Ten) 05/20/1997
      Batman Forever 05/20/1997
      Chariots Of Fire 05/20/1997
      Dumb And Dumber 05/20/1997
      Eric Clapton: Unplugged 05/20/1997
      Madonna: Girlie Show 05/20/1997
      Outbreak 05/20/1997
      Wild Bunch 05/20/1997
      Zeus And Roxanne 05/20/1997
      R.E.M.: Road Movie 05/27/1997
      Michael 06/10/1997
      Battle Arena Toshinden 06/11/1997
      Cutthroat Island 06/17/1997
      Mars Attacks! 06/17/1997
      My Fellow Americans 06/17/1997
      Reservoir Dogs 06/17/1997
      Beetlejuice 06/24/1997
      Blazing Saddles (Regular Edition) 06/24/1997
      Cool Hand Luke 06/24/1997
      Grumpy Old Men 06/24/1997
      Pelican Brief 06/24/1997
      Purple Rain: Prince 06/24/1997
      Right Stuff 06/24/1997
      Rumble In The Bronx 06/24/1997
      Turbulence (1996) 06/24/1997
      Desperado (Special Edition) 06/26/1997
      Jerry Maguire (Movie-Only Edition) 06/26/1997
      3 Tenors In Concert 1990: Carreras/ Domingo/ Pavarotti 07/01/1997
      3 Tenors In Concert 1994: Carreras/ Domingo/ Pavarotti 07/01/1997
      Alanis Morissette: Jagged Little Pill Live 07/01/1997
      MTV's Beavis And Butt-Head: The Final Judgment 07/01/1997
      Odyssey Into The Mind's Eye 07/01/1997
      Sesame Street: 25th Birthday Musical Celebration 07/01/1997
      Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie 07/01/1997
      Tony Bennett: MTV Unplugged 07/01/1997
      Absolute Power 07/08/1997
      Vegas Vacation 07/08/1997
      Amazing Feats Of Young Hercules/ Young Pocahontas 07/15/1997
      Fugitive: John Wayne: The Young Duke Series 07/15/1997
      Killer Volcanoes/ Deadly Peaks 07/15/1997
      Night Of The Living Dead (1968/ United American) 07/15/1997
      Player (Special Edition) 07/15/1997
      Royal Wedding (United American) 07/15/1997
      Shine 07/15/1997
      Where The Red Fern Grows 07/15/1997
      Arthur 07/29/1997
      Blown Away 07/29/1997
      Executive Decision 07/29/1997
      Forever Young 07/29/1997
      Jerry Herman's Broadway At The Hollywood Bowl 07/29/1997
      Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome 07/29/1997
      Maverick 07/29/1997
      National Lampoon's Vacation 07/29/1997
      Bad Boys (Movie-Only Edition/ 1995) 08/05/1997
      Matilda 08/05/1997
      Murder At 1600 08/05/1997
      Night Of The Living Dead (Special Edition/ 1968/ Elite) 08/06/1997
      Freeway (Special Edition) 08/19/1997
      Killer: A Journal Of Murder (Special Edition) 08/19/1997
      Cyborg 08/22/1997
      Elvis: That's The Way It Is 08/22/1997
      Island Of Dr. Moreau (1996) 08/22/1997
      Postman Always Rings Twice 08/22/1997
      Risky Business 08/22/1997
      Rob Roy (1995) 08/22/1997
      Under Siege 08/22/1997
      Viva Las Vegas 08/22/1997
      Witches Of Eastwick 08/22/1997
      Madonna: Truth Or Dare 08/26/1997
      Red Heat 08/26/1997
      Aeon Flux 09/02/1997
      Luther Vandross: Always And Forever: An Evening Of Song... 09/02/1997
      Sesame Street: Elmo Saves Christmas 09/02/1997
      Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble: Live From Austin... 09/02/1997
      Awakenings 09/09/1997
      Black Stallion 09/09/1997
      Father's Day 09/09/1997
      League Of Their Own 09/09/1997
      Philadelphia 09/09/1997
      Rosewood (Special Edition) 09/09/1997
      Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (Special Edition) 09/16/1997
      Adventures Of Pinocchio (1996) 09/23/1997
      Computer Animation Festival #1 09/23/1997
      Dave Grusin: West Side Story 09/23/1997
      Rainbow Fish/ Dazzle The Dinosaur 09/23/1997
      Selena 09/23/1997
      Assassins 09/30/1997
      Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (1958) 09/30/1997
      Demolition Man 09/30/1997
      MTV's Beavis And Butt-Head Do Christmas 09/30/1997
      Neil Diamond: Greatest Hits Live 09/30/1997
      Ozzy Osbourne: Live And Loud 09/30/1997
      Police Academy 09/30/1997
      Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves 09/30/1997
      Tango And Cash 09/30/1997
      Tenchi Muyo In Love: The Movie 09/30/1997
      True Romance: Director's Cut 09/30/1997
      Turbulence (1997/ Computer Animation) 09/30/1997
      What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? 09/30/1997
      Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? (Special Edition) 09/30/1997
      Tina Turner: Live In Amsterdam (Dolby Digital) 10/01/1997
      Video Essentials 10/01/1997
      Bram Stoker's Dracula 10/07/1997
      Cable Guy 10/07/1997
      First Knight 10/07/1997
      Last Action Hero 10/07/1997
      Armitage 3: Poly-Matrix 10/14/1997
      Thinner (Special Edition) 10/14/1997
      Art Of Nature 10/15/1997
      Cabinet Of Dr.Caligari (Special Edition) 10/15/1997
      Phantom Of The Opera (1925) 10/15/1997
      Austin Powers (Special Edition) 10/21/1997
      Batman And Robin 10/21/1997
      Menace II Society 10/21/1997
      Wild America 10/21/1997
      Planets: Holst/ Tomita 10/22/1997
      Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls 10/28/1997
      Addicted To Love 10/28/1997
      All The President's Men 10/28/1997
      Candidate 10/28/1997
      Dangerous Liaisons 10/28/1997
      Domingo/ Bolton/ Huang: Merry Christmas From Vienna 10/28/1997
      Green Berets 10/28/1997
      Jeremiah Johnson 10/28/1997
      Ladyhawke 10/28/1997
      Mary Chapin Carpenter: Jubilee: Live At Wolf Trap 10/28/1997
      Private Benjamin 10/28/1997
      Searchers 10/28/1997
      Stagecoach 10/28/1997
      Tequila Sunrise (Special Edition) 10/28/1997
      Wet Shorts: The Best Of MTV's Liquid Television #1 & 2 10/28/1997
      Open City 10/29/1997
      Fleetwood Mac: The Dance 11/04/1997
      Toxic Avenger (Special Edition) 11/04/1997
      Aerosmith: The Making Of Pump 11/11/1997
      Best Of The Andy Griffith Show 11/11/1997
      Bound (Special Edition) 11/11/1997
      Breaker Morant 11/11/1997
      Chinese Connection (Digital Multimedia) 11/11/1997
      Highlander 2: The Renegade Version (Special Edition) 11/11/1997
      Hootie And The Blowfish: A Series Of Short Trips 11/11/1997
      Killer Twisters/ Superstorms 11/11/1997
      Lovers And Liars (Digital Multimedia) 11/11/1997
      Oasis: There And Then 11/11/1997
      Planetary Traveler 11/11/1997
      Secret Of Anastasia 11/11/1997
      Ultraman #2 11/11/1997
      Where The Red Fern Grows 2 11/11/1997
      Who Shot Pat? 11/11/1997
      Africa Screams (Master Tone) 11/14/1997
      Angel And The Badman (Master Tone) 11/14/1997
      Little Princess (1939/ Master Tone) 11/14/1997
      Night Of The Living Dead (1968/ Master Tone) 11/14/1997
      Terror (Master Tone) 11/14/1997
      Babe (Dolby Digital) 11/18/1997
      Baker's Hawk 11/18/1997
      Beethoven (1992) 11/18/1997
      Body Heat (1981) 11/18/1997
      Bullitt (Regular Edition) 11/18/1997
      Class Of Nuke 'Em High (Special Edition) 11/18/1997
      Dirty Harry (Regular Edition) 11/18/1997
      Free Willy 11/18/1997
      George Balanchine's Nutcracker (1993) 11/18/1997
      Getaway (1972) 11/18/1997
      Grumpier Old Men 11/18/1997
      Hang 'Em High 11/18/1997
      High Lonesome: The Story Of Bluegrass Music 11/18/1997
      Last Man Standing 11/18/1997
      Little Princess (1995) 11/18/1997
      Man Who Would Be King 11/18/1997
      National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 11/18/1997
      Out Of Ireland: The Story Of Emigration Into America 11/18/1997
      Outland 11/18/1997
      Pale Rider 11/18/1997
      Paper 11/18/1997
      Portrait Of A Lady 11/18/1997
      Red River 11/18/1997
      Secret Garden (1993) 11/18/1997
      Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. (Special Edition) 11/18/1997
      Shadow (Dolby Digital) 11/18/1997
      Spawn: The Series (Special Edition) 11/18/1997
      Swept Away 11/18/1997
      Thelma And Louise (Special Edition) 11/18/1997
      When We Were Kings 11/18/1997
      Chaplin Mutuals #1 11/19/1997
      Chaplin Mutuals #2 11/19/1997
      Chaplin Mutuals #3 11/19/1997
      Treasures Of The Twilight Zone 11/24/1997
      C'est La Vie, Mon Cheri 11/25/1997
      Cliffhanger (Movie-Only Edition) 11/25/1997
      Johnny Mnemonic (Regular Edition) 11/25/1997
      Net 11/25/1997
      Umbrellas Of Cherbourg 11/25/1997
      Warren Miller's Ski World 11/25/1997
      Wolf 11/25/1997
      Assault On Precinct 13 (Special Edition) 11/26/1997
      Landmarks Of Early Film #1 11/26/1997
  20. Craig_T

    Craig_T Second Unit

    Feb 17, 2001
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    Columbia's early titles had good picture quality, but those generic menus are the ugliest things I've ever seen. Most discs have better-looking FBI warning screens.

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