192 kHz vs. 96 kHz receiver DACs

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    Nov 13, 2001
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    Could someone explain to me the advantages of having 192 kHz DACs over 96 kHz DACs in my HT receiver?
    For example, I'm interested in the Onkyo 797 and the Denon 3802 receivers. The Onkyo has 192 kHz DACs, the Denon 96 kHz DACs. Is there any advantage to the Onkyo in this case?
    It seems to me, since neither of these receivers is firmware upgradeable, as long as the bandwidth is sufficient to decode all of the included formats, there is no need for the faster DACs. Does the Onkyo need them for THX decoding?
    I've been told that you need 192 kHz to convert DVD-Audio. Howveer, no current digital interconnect supports the bandwitdh of a digital DVD-Audio signal, so the D/A conversion has to happen at the player now and the analog channels are sent to the receiver? (Is that all correct?) In which case the receiver's DACs aren't even used.
    So, for a future receiver with higher bandwitdh digital inputs, the 192 hHz would be important. But for these 2 receivers it doesn't present a signifcant difference?
    Or am I just completely off base?
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    I think you are completely right in your analysis. As anyone who is familiar with consumer electronics knows, alot of times the manufacturers want to dazzle you with better numbers for marketing reasons, even if there is not an immediate benefit.

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