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    Aug 5, 2002
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    My 34", 4:3 tv has a 16:9 compress function which I understand gives better resolution. I don't have a dvd player yet though. When I try the 16:9 compress on a normal tv channel, the black bar at the top has a sort of white line right where the tv picture begins and the top black bar ends. In night scenes, this can be quite distracting. Will this white line be there for dvds? And is the loss of resolution really very bad anyway?
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    Jul 28, 2002
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    The 16:9 compress feature (Wega's is called V-Compression) uses the 16:9 picture that comes out of a 16:9 source.

    The Wega I own doesn't allow me to use the compression on a TV signal, so I don't know what you're refering too. I doubt you will get a 16:9 source on TV anyways.

    The compression looks great when used on anamorphic DVDs, from what I understand it's called compression cause it uses more vertical lines (coming from the 16:9 source) and compress them in one image to remove the scanlines tipically seen. It pretty much acts like it's supporting progressive scan.

    Again, I should note that I'm just giving this opinion with what I have gathered from using my TV and the 16:9 mode it has.

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